Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogging from the Bedroom

This afternoon it is 92 degrees with out-of-this-world stifling humidity in the non-air-conditioned room I typically work in.  I have therefore moved into the air-conditioned bedroom and am blogging from my lap - a task I suppose appropriate to my tool; a "laptop" - nonetheless not a typical workplace for me.  It is indeed far more comfortable, however, and, I no longer wish to lie down on the carpet beside the cat to pass out.  The downside, however, is that I now cannot bring myself to leave the room.  I will need to find away to both prepare and eat dinner in here which will be quite a feat as it is my turn to cook and I doubt my hubby will volunteer in this heat. (He cooked all last week.)

I wanted to talk a bit today about pandering.  That is, pandering to Etsy.  People often ask me how to generate sales on Etsy. There are many strategies and people have various things that work (foremost, offer a good product, provide good customer service and take really great photos!) but pandering a bit to trends and seasons can certainly help.  Next weekend is July 4th.  That means that all sorts of Etsians are looking for items to include in clever July 4th themed treasuries right now.  In fact, my red white and blue belt buckle was included in this charming arrangement just this past week:

If a seller is lucky enough to be selected for the treasury, and, the treasury is good enough to be selected for the front page, you have hit the jackpot for advertising!

Of course, Etsy also creates its own Front Page treasuries, so you could be lucky enough to be selected for that bit-o-press, or, if you are really, REALLY lucky, you might be selected for an Etsy Storque article like the one below from a few days ago:

So pandering, although often seen as a negative thing, can actually be a very, very smart thing to do around holidays, seasons (not just seasons like fall or spring, but, think wedding and baseball!), special events (from movie openings, season premieres, and awards ceremonies to Earth Day!) and trends (what are people saying?, doing?, reading? blogging about? wearing?)    Etsy actually has a great resource for this right on the site.  In the "How To" section of the Etsy blog look for the heading "From Etsy's Merchandising desk." Click the links and you will be told exactly what trends are coming for the next month and Etsy's recommendations for playing right into those trends!  (Yes, sadly, I was not the first person to think of this.)   I have linked the image below for you to bring you to the latest article in the series:

And in case you think I am the only one who thinks this way; take a look around!  Everyone with an ounce of marketing savvy is playing right into the July 4th holiday this week, including me!  (click the two top images in this post, both active in my shop!)  And here are a few more clever goodies for you to check out:

From my mom's shop: Find Me a Memory

 From my West Coast friend Cindy's shop: PumpkinTruck

From my Etsy mentor: PetitPoullailler

From the talented hands of Bonnie at Bonnie's Knitting


  1. Love it! Thanks for thinking of me. Those blueberries look so amazing! Happy 4th everyone! Bonnie

  2. You have absolutely *nothing* on me as far as 'heat and humidity' goes ... eeeeep! I am seriously melting here along the Jersey Shore!
    Those blueberries look nice and cool, though ~ thanks for highlighting them, darlink! xo

  3. Yes, I must admit my friends down south of me have it worse - so sorry!

  4. That dress! WOWOWOW!!! Who needs fireworks with you around. :-)

  5. Hi I think you items are great.
    Hope the Esty shop does well for you

    Beaut Vintage

  6. Thanks Anne! Not exactly my style but certainly fun to model! (and BTW not actually zipped up the back on me - LOL!)


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