Monday, June 7, 2010


Spied today on the shelf of that national retail consignment shop, was this strange sight.  It was surrounded by other objects painted in solid gold.  A drinking glass, some wine glasses, and, this.  I immediately saw right through the gold paint to the "golden" object beneath.

 Sure, it looks like it has a crack or two, but, no repairs, so, should withstand a chemical strip.

At the risk of sounding smug, I did not even look under the tag while at the store.  I know if it had a mark it would be this one.

...and voila!  The butterfly is revealed!  Butterfly pattern, that is, of Nelson McCoy Pottery.  I had no idea what color glaze this would be underneath and was just hoping it was not pink.  Not that I do not already own some McCoy pink, but, I was hoping for green & copper.  White is perfectly acceptable for $2.99 plus a half hour soak in gel paint stripper.

Came out pretty nice!  Yup, there are a couple of cracks but that will just make it feel right at home with the rest of my art pottery collection.  And if you have not seen an early Nelson McCoy mark, here it is.  Although one of the listings I share below dates the vase and mark to the 1940's, it is actually likely a 1930's mark, as explained here

Want one for yourself?  Here is a nice one from Just Art Pottery. (in pink, of course, LOL!)

...and a pretty blue version - in a slightly larger size and very good price! - from heritageheirlooms on Etsy.


  1. You amaze me! Nice treasure find.

  2. I have this in Yellow. The reference book calls this pattern part of the Butterfly Line which sold in the early 1940's. They came in six pastel glazes. I have sold it in Pink before, but I have never seen it in the lavender or aqua. MOM

  3. Thanks Mom! I think they used the mark starting in the 1930's then into the early 1940's so that makes sense. During the 1940's they switched to the McCoy mark most people know. I also have a larger vase in a slightly different shape in the butterfly design in pink that I also found at Savers about 8 years ago... It's been about that long since I found McCoy at Savers!

  4. I would have never thought to de-paint it like you did! Nice find. I have had that blue one at the shop, I think it sold for $35 or so... maybe after someone bought it they painted it gold and gave it to Savers, who knows!

  5. We may never know! Clearly someone was happy with their new bottle of gold spray paint at one point; there were literally 6 other things on the shelf clearly painted with glass, etc. beneath!


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