Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy me!

Yup, today is my birthday and I was lucky enough to be taken out to dinner last night by my husband to a fabulous nearby restaurant right on the river (there are so many great restaurants here in Providence, it can be hard to choose!).  We had Sangria, each a great seafood dish and chocolate cake for dessert so it doesn't get much better than that!  I snapped this pic before we left as I wanted to capture my outfit.  (I am not so great at this as my friends Eyeliah and Alli both with their thrifted outfits-a-day but I will, on rare occasions, give it a try!)
My outfit is only partially thrifted.  The dress is from Ann Taylor Loft  (I can't help it - I love the place and their sales!) Found on the sale rack marked down from over $100 to $39.99 then another 40% off - who can resist?  It has hung, unworn in my closet for two years so this was its debut!  What I really want to talk about are the shoes.
These shoes are one of my best Thrift Scores ever!  I recall the day I found them I could  not believe they were just sitting there on the rack for about $6.99!   Blue Suede cut-out peep-toe wedges with red leather trim, tiny red metal enameled stars and killer ankle straps.  IN MY SIZE!  I would guess mid-1940's for sure.  No, you cannot touch them!
I should also mention the jewelry.  The neckline of the dress is very elaborate with those giant swirling flower-form things, so, a necklace seemed excessive.  I instead went with some rhinestone jewels.  A circa 1930's Bird of Paradise pave brooch that I found somewhere in my travels recently and kept for myself along with a pair of likely unmarked Coro dangle earrings that I also recently purchased with the intention of selling until I tried them on and realized how fabulous they were...for me!  The woman who had consigned them had worked for Coro years ago.  Some of her pieces were marked and others not which leads me to think they may have been en experimental piece.  They certainly work for me!
Ok, I'm off to enjoy a birthday breakfast with a friend and then, well, sort of mundane errands for the rest of the day!  What do you do to celebrate YOUR birthday?

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  1. Happy Birthday Christine!! Good job getting the photo ;-)


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