Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just a moment of your time...

I found this wonderful old pottery Sessions kitchen clock today while on a lunch break with a girlfriend from work.  (Yes, I was revealing to her another of my haunts.  She is not so much into vintage as I so I feel safe!)

What a delight!  All pottery, in fantastic condition.  How a wall clock made of pottery survives 60+ years with no chips or cracks is beyond me!  I wish I knew more about it though, which is why I am posting it here.  Anyone have any info?

The pottery body and raised numbers are very reminiscent of the Russel Wright designed clocks produced by Harker Potteries and GE back in the early 1950's.   I know it is not RW though because it is way too figural for him!  The clocks (above) and decorated items (some below) are about as "cute" as he ever got! Teapots?, no way...
Images courtesy of Ann Kerr's Collector's Encyclopedia of Russel Wright

So, despite the striking similarities in some areas (get it? "striking???") the piece remains a mystery.  Perhaps Sessions' answer to the popularity of the GE/RW clocks?  I was not aware that they were flying off the shelves so much.  Perhaps Harker approached Sessions after the RW clocks stopped?  Any thoughts or facts are much appreciated!  I've got all the time in the world.... (heh heh heh)


  1. Hey you, C&G has been featured in this great story @ vintage clothing:

    It's under the label: "THESE FRUGAL TIMES"


  2. Did a little research and found that someone has one exactly like this on eBay right now with a question mark after the word Fiesta. I doubt very much that this is Fiesta, but I don't know what the maker would be. I looked in my Pottery book under Harker and couldn't find anything, but it is limited. The most popular teapot clock by Sessions was the 1950's red plastic one which is what I am familiar with. The color on this throws me a little too, but in the back of my mind I know that some pottery maker used this color a lot in the 1940's. I just have to remember which one. MOM

  3. Hi Mom, yes, I also saw that eBay listing and I agree, no way is this Fiesta. It does have the little "flecks" in the pottery like the Harker pottery, but, I cannot find a potters mark on it. Super cute though! Let me know if you think of anything else...

  4. TRVS - thanks! You are amazing and had found this before I even saw the note from them!

  5. I looked up the patern numbers. The lower one is 1943 and the higher 1949.


  6. Thanks dad! I think the patents are for the mechanism/motor not the design of the clock as I saw them for other design types as well. It does help me identify the early end of the range though...late 1940's to early 1950's After that I think they went to the plastic variety...


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