Sunday, June 20, 2010

A loaf of bread, a quart of milk and a Samuel Winston dress...

I recall a Sesame Street segment from my youth that depicted a young boy heading to the local store for his mother.  He keeps repeating the grocery list in his head; "A loaf of bread, a quart of milk and a stick of butter."; the repetition is to ensure he does not forget his purpose.  This morning I left on foot with much the same goal.  "Pick up prescriptions, buy dental floss and pick up some eggs" was my mantra.  As I neared the store however, I spied a brightly colored sign: "Yard Sale" it read.  It was a few blocks back on my return trip.   I made my purchases, then, set-out on foot in search of said yard sale.

This is one of the things I enjoy most about living in this city.  I have, on several occasions, set out on foot to run errands on a Saturday or Sunday morning only to return with completely unexpected great yard sale finds!  That was how, years ago, I found my Russel Wright Conant Ball Modern Mates "surfboard" coffee table for $5.  Just last week I returned with a $10 wool runner for the front hall to replace "cat pee" rug that my cat simply would NOT stop marking. (I like the "new" one better anyway!)  This morning it was this gorgeous Samuel Winston dress.  Just look at that delectable chiffon drape detail at the back! (it secures with hidden hooks and eyes at the waist after zipped.)  In remarkably good condition except for one spot to the skirt, but, with that pattern, who cares?

Can you believe these gorgeous colors?  The woman I purchased it from said it had belonged to a friend's grandmother.  Looks very early to mid 1950's to me.  The skirt is covered in what I believe would be called Passementerie?  Please drop me a note if you would use another term for this work.  Sadly, this dress is a wee bit small for me so will go into my shop.  I did also find a gorgeous pale green silk summer dress at the same place, however, that does fit me. Perhaps I will post that one once I have it cleaned and pressed.  For now, you can drool over this beauty (and drop me a note if you simply must own it.  I'll plan to list it in the fall.)

Guess my memory is not so good after all...seems it was a girl who went to the store, and, a container of milk she was after. (though others on the internet swear they recall "quart of milk" as well, hmn....)  Still cute and oh-so-1970's after all these years.  Click here to check it out!

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