Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Market To Market

No fat pigs at this local market - mostly fresh plants and veggies with some other local awesome products thrown in!  A cop-out, I know, for a blog post.  I mean, is it even possible to take a bad photo of a Farmer's Market?  I actually wanted to take my new digital SLR as I have been relearning how to truly shoot photos again.  But, it was raining and thunderstorming all morning, and, I grabbed my little Powershot on the way out the door once I saw the skies clear slightly and the yard sale post on Craig's List announced the sale scheduled across the street from the market was being converted to a "porch sale" instead of being canceled due to the weather.
Rainbow chard, followed by a stunning cluster of daisies, scallions and my favorite flower, Calla Lilies!  I made sure I had at least one of these gorgeous deep plum Calla Lilies in my bridal bouquet and I did not want to put it down all day!

Vendors sell from all over the little state of Rhode Island but I am especially impressed by these folks who grow everything right here in the city of Providence!  They do impressive community work too.  You can check out their web site at Southside Community Land Trust.

I am spoiled here in my local neighborhood by the fact that this bakery is an 8 minute walk from my house!  Those yummy treats, flavorful sandwiches and that AWESOME Kalamata Olive Bread (bottom pic above) is available to me every day, not just the Saturday mornings of the Farmer's Market.

People are very friendly and patient, and, in case you are wondering why this is not yet all-out chaos, the photos were taken moments before the strict 9:30 AM bell that chimes when actual money exchange can begin.  By 10:00 AM the place is hopping, and, you'd better (as I did) grab those strawberries fast as they are often gone by 10:30 from all vendors.

Tomatoes too, in this New England climate, are a delicacy that should be sought out and snatched up close after that 9:30 bell!  Not all vendors have them and look at those mouth-watering varieties above!

And that yard sale?  Yup, I got there a little later than intended (I went BEFORE I snapped the other pics though, I'm no slouch!) but I still found some goodies.  A great box of vintage Bradford ornaments for my wreaths, a Gurley candle, more stacks of vintage magazines to keep me occupied for hours, and, this awesome vintage metal giant egg mold!  I cannot decide if I will sell it or keep it.  I sort of like it.  What do you think?


  1. which market? end of blackstone or hope hs? pics look so awesome. makes me want to eat my veggies!

  2. Oooh, I want to go to the farmer's market!! But pooey, I will leave to early :-(

  3. There's no question I would keep that egg mold!! You know me and my penchant for 'trying things out' at home... heh heh.

  4. Sue: yup, the one that WAS at the HS is now at the end of Blackstone. Anono-J: they have them other days in the area...we can check it out, or, just go to a farm!

    ...and S-Chick (your rap name) I totally was thinking of you as I imagined what I could display in the giant eggs in the center of my long table...LOL!

  5. I don't know if it is just your great pictures, but everything looks so wonderful at this market. The colors of the flowers and vegetables jump out as if they were in 3D. I see you have some old Family Circle magazines. If you have any articles by Gladys Taber then I would love to borrow them. MOM

  6. We are all positively addicted to Seven Stars's olive bread!

    Also, to your mom's comment above: I remember Gladys Taber's columns well; they were a treat. (I read all my mom's magazines from the time I was about 8 years old.)

    And one last thing: I will be unemployed as of July 1. Holy recession, Batman!

  7. Regarding Gladys Taber, every issue I had found (all from 1960 and 1965) included her column so I am copying them all for Mom. She is excited to receive them!

    Regarding the job - is there anything negative yet original to say about working at Brown? I hope you can look at this as an opportunity to do what you really want to do! Sorry to hear it, but, I am sure you will pull through...with bells on!

  8. I want that olive bread. Now. Seriously, the testing of the camera turned out stunning photos that is visually so exciting and left me drooling over all the food treats. I'm going to have to plan another trip up there!

  9. Can't say anything negative... *gag order*.... mmphmmm.... *severance* ... mllwwmmmmmfff. Just that I'm very sad after 34 years there. I'd be more sanguine about the next opportunity if we didn't still have 2 kids to get through college. Anyway, I'm planning to take July and August off; whee! First time since I was 15 years old. :-)

    I seem to recall that my mother had a book of collected Gladys Taber columns. Also, my mother's name was Gladys.

    Thanks for the encouraging words, friend.


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