Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome Back

My brother, born in 1970, turned 40 this week so I wanted to find him some fun, 70's nostalgic gifts from our childhood for fun.
Probably not practical for a 40 year old to "play" with is this nonetheless great Fisher Price Adventure People Rescue Helicopter from 1974.  As you may recall, Fisher Price introduced the "Adventure People" as the pose-able, more realistic replacements to the "little people" in the early 70's.  We thought they were great, and, with exciting jobs like rescue helicopter pilots and race car drivers, all the better!  Of course, being kids, we just put the "little people" right beside the new "adventure people" and they all had adventures together regardless of jointed bodies or not.
I recall this helicopter clearly as the button on the back tail allowed you to make the copter "fly" and also control the gripper arms at the bottom so that it could swoop in, grip and lift away in a dramatic rescue!  Unfortunately my brother recalled the Adventure people but not the helicopter.  Well, now he can play "rescue" in the privacy of his own home...

I was not sure if he would remember this but he did immediately!  Domino Sugar has been packaging the Cinnamon Sugar into kid-friendly packaging for years. Back when we were kids, this was the bottle design on our kitchen table.  I cleaned it out and filled it with fresh new Cinnamon Sugar for him to enjoy a healthy, well, tasty breakfast.

My brother is a record collector, dealer and DJ so this Super Heroes record player from 1978 seemed like a no-brainer, and he loved it!  It works great, and, the needle is still there, so, he plans to put it to use somewhere.  I was nervous this might be a *bit* over the top but he loved it so I'm happy.

My brother also collects Pulp Fiction so, this is actually a more "typical" gift for him at a birthday or at Christmas time.  This trio came from that box I mentioned in a previous flea market post.  I was thinking he may have had the Horace McCoy on top there, but, turns out he lost his copy so this is a timely replacement.

My family is all pretty shy and will likely hate that I posted these pics, but, we had such a great time out together at dinner the other night I wanted to share them here.  Oh, and, my husband and I did also get Mark a "nice" gift, something actually clean and shrink wrapped that no one else has previously owned.  He liked it, but, what fun is posting a photo of something as common as that?

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  1. I do NOT remember the "newer" version of the Fisher Price people (although I'll say my sister and I disliked the design change from the slim to the wider people. We did understand the potential of choking on it, but this is where supervision comes in! How on earth did we survive childhood?!)
    Anyhow, these are really cool! I remember the smaller record players but I think my siblings had a generic one. I think the first smaller record they had was a KISS one - I was so fascinated with the typefont of that.
    I'm also jealous that we didn't get the cinnamon sugar kid friendly packaging. We did have cinnamon sugar on toast (mmm!), but my mom was ahead of the curve. She was totally into health food before it was popular back in the '70s. She frequented a store called "The Great Pumpkin" (I had a t-shirt with that logo and everyone always thought it was a reference to "Peanuts") and I remember thinking why couldn't I have a mom like the rest of the neighborhood where we could eat Twinkies and Pringles... At least we had Kool-Aid.
    But I digress as usual. This was a fun read! Do you think you'll catch your brother playing with the helicopter?


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