Monday, July 12, 2010

Country Living - With Cats

I really enjoy reading Country Living.  I know it is not for everyone, but, for anyone into vintage kitchen collectibles, textiles, holiday items, and outdoor items, it is a feast for the eyes.  They feature wonderful photographs of enviable collections in gorgeous vintage (but cozy) homes and they deserve kudos for using Etsy sellers in their mag and using their style influence to send their readers over to the Etsy shops of these creative folks! 

I have to take issue, however, with a spread in the July/August edition.  Entitled "Show 'Em The Ropes." it features products for the home made mainly from Sisal.  It's somewhat of a "summery" type material, but, a little weak on longevity.  I mean, Country Living Editors, do any of you own a CAT?  When I look at the  image above, my brain renames the title of this article "How to Turn Your Home Into a Giant Customized Kitty Playland." and I see this.

...and when I look at this layout of rope and sisal items...

I see this:

C'mon Country Living.  We know 90% of your readers are women, and, probably 60% of them own a cat.  You cater to cat owners in each issue in both articles and advertisements:
So this is no surprise to you!  

I know that vintage items and cats do not always go together so well either, but, a home of sisal is basically a giant customized scratching post.  Thanks for your efforts but I'll pass on this idea!


  1. If anyone knows LOL in a blog it's you! Thanks for reading...I had fun! ;-)

  2. Hilarious! You should send the editors an email with a link to this. Jill

  3. I would have bought all those things at one time and made a special room for the cats if I thought they would limit the scratching to just those items and not everything else in the rest of the house. MOM

  4. Sure, like THAT would happen! You'd basically just be training them to scratch everything, a giant cat scratching practice room! ;-)

  5. The problem is that the cats would promise me they would only scratch on the rope/sisal things and then just go and scratch every where else too. You know you just can't trust cats they are always breaking promises. MOM


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