Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To The Shore

I went to the beach for the first time this summer this past weekend with my dad.  My parents live within walking distance of the ocean but it still seems like as we get older we don't get there nearly as often as we used to or, intend to.
We went for a walk at dusk one night with great golden summer sunset light but don't you know I forgot to bring my camera!  I have therefore decided to supplement my post with a "new" stack of vintage beach photos I found not all that long ago.
What I love about vintage beach photos is that although the outfits are remarkable to us, the people all look the same as people at the beach today!  They are goofing around, laughing and generally happy when at the beach.
And you see the same cast of characters in a shot like this one; the fashion mavens, the covered-ups, the cigarette-smokers, the kids, the lovers, the elderly overdressed; as you would in a similar shot today.  They are all there, and, will likely all be there years from now.  I think this one is my favorite.  Look at those Coca Cola and Moxie signs in the background!  This may even be the old Rocky Point back in the 1930's but I am not at all certain of that.

On my way to my parents' place last weekend, I got together with a girlfriend and we did a little "thrifting."  I had just finished listing all my summer wardrobe items, so, had not planned to add anything new to the mix, but I came across this awesome 1960's Catalina Beach/Pool Cover-up and I had to have it for my shop:
I know that beach cover-ups and, 80's style rompers are especially "in" this year with the style set, but, I normally cannot bring myself to even go in that direction.  Having graduated high school in 1984 and college in 1988 I lived through just about every 80's fashion faux-pas first-hand and I have no desire to revisit.  I simply cannot bring myself to put a 1980's rayon gathered brightly colored (on a black background, of course) romper into my shop.  Don't worry, if you are a fan, there are many, many Etsy sellers who have them for you. 

If, like me, 80's rompers are not your thing, perhaps you will enjoy some other funky vintage beach cover-ups.  I miss the terry cloth wear from my childhood.  So much better suited for the beach than rayon, soft, colorful and just says "fun!"

 Not sure how this Mod beauty from nautiegodiva was not snapped up at the beginning of the summer!

Yowsah! Beachwear from SnapItUpVintage.  They'll notice you coming AND going in this beauty!

Handy with the sewing machine? This pattern from bluettecourt will have you stylin'!

...and the piece de resistance?  
Holy smokin' you!  You've gotta click on the link above so you can see this set!  New old stock 1960's bikini with this matching sheer black cover-up with coordinating goddess-style neckline.  Holy cats!  And at an amazingly affordable price from swingkatsvintage

What do YOU wear to the beach to cover up?


  1. Thanks for adding my item to this awesome blog! Love those old black & white photos, those are veritable treasures :)

  2. Thanks for looking! And for those great vintage patterns...yummy!

  3. I usually just conveniently 'forget' my bathing suit when visiting exotic locales, so no one has to see me in one. But I'm loving that Mod beauty, is there perhaps a full-length one with sleeves available??

  4. They are available in mini, midi and maxi as you wish! :-)

    Oh, and PS: I destroyed that dress I bought from you. Seriously. Who knew chiffon would SHRINK immediately water touched it?...sigh. Don't know if I can bring myself to post about it.


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