Sunday, August 1, 2010


As always we looked for opportunities for "antiquing" during our vacation up north and we did find a few spots along the way.  Ironically, I photographed the places where we bought nothing, and, neglected to photograph the places where we made purchases!  This place above was cute.  A modified garage beside the home of the owner in a tiny town near the Eastern Townships region on the south/east side of the Saint Lawrence. She had one tiny Shafford black cat figurine I wanted to purchase for my mother, but, would not sell it independently from the teapot, creamer and salt and pepper she also had.  I tried to explain it was not actually part of a "set" since the other items were all serving pieces and this was a figurine, but, no luck.

This was a spot we stopped at a couple of days before, heading north on the opposite side of the river, also located within the home of the owner. After looking around the shop we realized we could walk up over a little wooden pathway to the beach right over the sea wall.  It was a gorgeous overcast day with people taking trail rides right on the beach.
 Gorgeous wildflowers bloomed along the pathway.

I did buy this little bird at the place.  The guy was quick to let me know it was not old, but, I still thought it was cute.  I thought it was some sort of fruit squeezer.  He told me it was for garlic, but, I looked it up when I returned and it is in fact for lemon.  A charming reminder of our journey along the Saint Lawrence.

On our trip heading south through the Eastern Townships, we came across this site.  I am ashamed to admit i did not know what Marche aux Puces meant, but, later discovered that any self-respecting "antiquer" should know that this translates to Flea Market!

As you head through the door you can see that the place is somewhat full.

Once inside you realize just what you've gotten yourself into!

This aisle is ONLY pots and pans.  Both sides. Not a place for the claustrophobic!

We actually scoured the upper level, filled with furniture, for a particular style chair we are searching out for the kitchen.  I thought for sure we would find it in the exact color and style if we looked hard enough, but sadly, no luck.  The place did not seem as outright dangerous while there as it looks in this photo!

Looking down from above.  Can you believe we purchased nothing here?

On our last day, we came over the border at the very tip of New Hampshire and this great shop could not have been more than ten miles from Canada.  In fact, the proprietor had a strong French accent and explained that she was originally from Quebec.  We purchased several great items at this shop; some to keep, some as gifts and some to sell.  The proprietor was pleasant and had decent prices.  Of course, I forgot to photograph the shop but I do have some photos of items to share starting with these Anagrams that I love to use in my collages.

A thick stack of these awesome vintage flashcards was a no-brainer to pick up for a  few dollars!  I will likely keep a few for myself, and, sell the bulk in my Etsy shop.  Too cute and great graphics!

I had actually made all my purchases and my husband was loading up the car when I decided to use their convenient bathroom before we hit the road.  Of course, this was the type of place to have items spilling into the bathroom and it was there I spied this great chalkware bird on a branch with it's nest for $5. What a beauty!


  1. I'll file this under "I hope my shop doesn't look like THAT..." LOL. Looks like a great place to browse though!!

  2. Gosh no; your shop is quaint, and inviting, often with overpriced buoys out front... ;-)


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