Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Bunting We Will Go!

Today I once again ventured over to the the Seekonk Speedway Flea Market with a good friend of mine.  I had not been there since we last visited in May.  The place typically has a lot of junk, and a few scattered people with interesting older items.  Many of the people with more interesting stuff head to the Cape or other ocean-front locations during the summer to take advantage of the tourist traffic.  This works well for them but not so well for those of us still poking around Seekonk in the summer!
One item I am not obsessed over, but, always mildly interested in finding, is vintage American Flag bunting.  It is of course extremely difficult to find at an affordable price, so, I was more than tickled to find this set of four pieces for $35 this morning!
 I'm guessing these may date to the 1940's although I am not certain.  They are made by Dettras Flag Company and each feature two metal grommets at one end, a blue ground with 12 appliqued stars in a circle around one larger center star at the same end and about another 8-9 feet of stripes beyond that. 
These do have fading and some water damage to some and a lengthwise tear to one, but still, these are a fantastic and rare find that will do my house proud next Memorial Day, Flag Day, or July 4th.    I was considering leaving them up for a few days to enjoy them, but, considering RI is the only state to celebrate "Victory Day" as a state holiday tomorrow, I did not necessarily want to appear to be showing undue support for that particular day.  The end of the second world war was cause for celebration for sure, but, some of the means to that end are not necessarily celebratory.

On a lighter note, I wanted to share one more bunting and one more celebration in this post.  My husband and I finally started to prime and paint the kitchen proper today, turning over the "hump" of the makeover and heading downhill towards significant progress if not completion.  To celebrate, I created a "bunting" of vintage Wet Paint signs purchased from Mitziscollectibles on Etsy.  Gotta have some?  She's got loads more, just click here.


  1. Wow, I love what you did with the Wet Paint signs! I'm new to this blog, and I think it's fabulous! I'm going to spend some time drinking my coffee and reading past posts this morning.


  2. Love the Bunting. As you know, I love to leave my red, white and blue up all summer. When ever I look at it on the porch it always says Summer to me. The kitchen looks like it is coming along great too.

    I think I had that first reference book when it first came out, but either donated it or sold it. I will be on the look out though for the rest of her books. They all look interesting. MOM


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