Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goin' to the Fair...

I truly love summer state and regional fairs but, my husband hates crowds (as do I) so today we compromised and attended a small fair in Old Lyme, Connecticut.  We hopped on some rides right away, including the Sizzler, which I rode with my right arm pinned to the inside of the car as I forgot to take it out before it started to spin!  We also took a ride on the slide but sadly, I must avoid things like ferris wheels which really do not do nice things to my insides.  Personally, I had to investigate Planet Rock with it's loud classic rock blasting across the fairway.  My husband chose to wait outside for me so I serenaded him from the balcony by lip-syncing to Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here.  He was mildly amused.

True to tradition, the fair included a modest, but still delightful group of small farm animals and poultry to be judged.  I just never tire of going pen to pen and cage to cage inspecting these lovely creatures!

I believe there was also some sort of judging of antique tractors which were displayed throughout the fair.  Although, where the award-winning vintage VW bus fits in I'm not quite sure!

My favorite aspect of any state or county fair, however, is the fresh produce, flowers and hand-made items submitted for judging.  I find the entire process incredibly charming.  Not in a patronizing way, but, in a completely sincere form of respect for the hard work and skill that goes into such things, and, the sense of pride and community that comes from both putting them on display and stopping by to take a look.  Since we live in a large city in another state, our experience is somewhat voyeuristic.  I still enjoyed it, nonetheless...
Look at all those awesome tomatoes in one place!  Bravo!
Flowers, fruit, veggies and baskets all on display.
I heard the pumpkins have all been ripening too early this year in the northeast and that we may have a shortage come October.  That situation certainly did not hurt this guy who won a "Best in Show" ribbon!
Not sure what type of hen lays these but loved the blue eggs!
There were some nice handmade items upstairs in the grange hall....
This hooked rug was impressive up close.  Now that I see it from a ways back, I think it is after a Gauguin painting.  Would have liked it better as an original design but the craftwork is certainly noteworthy...
There was something for everyone at the fair today.  The Hamburg Fair.  It ends tomorrow so if you are in the area check it out in Old Lyme Connecticut, Route 156 north off of Route 95.


  1. You must come to the county fair near us some time. Ian had a blast and didn't mind the crowds!

  2. Anytime! I loved the photo with the pig! :-)

  3. You have some great fair photos too.

  4. Ever been to the Washington County fair in RI? It's usually the 2nd weekend in August. We went some years ago with the kids and I loved it. Has all the traditional 4-H kids with their calves and sheep, food and veggie contests, etc., along with a nicely tacky midway and games. My favorites are the big pulling animals - the oxen and draft horses. Such beautiful strength! I love knowing that parts of RI still maintain their agricultural roots, so to speak.

  5. I keep missing the RI Fair - next year, I hope! :-)


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