Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Got a Reference for That?

So, yesterday Meg Fielding over at Pigtown Design blogged about Mary Randolph Carter's series of books, beginning with the original American Junk, and this morning on the shelf at Savers, I find it! I had seen the books before; the graphic design alone is so wonderful who could not notice them?; but had never actually read or even flipped through one.  Meg's homage got me thinking about them and poof!  the Savers gods came through.

I have not even had time to look through, but already the pages remind me of my childhood and mom's collection of black cats.

 I like this photo because it preludes what I hope to post here on the blog before the end of the year: my cookie jar collection finally on display in my renovated kitchen!  We have built all the shelves up high ready to show off the buggers; now just need to complete everything else.  I do have that RRP Co Cow jumping over the moon, the Sierra Train and the Brush Humpty Dumpty shown in this little shot; all packed and ready to face the world!

One of the first pages I opened to was this spread of vintage chalkware prizes.  LOVE them! (see here and the previous post for more on my obsession.)

Blogging about American Junk reminded me of another great book I found recently on the exact same shelves at the exact same location.  Shown above, this was a lucky find!

While the book does have the expected terrific photos of Bungalow Kitchens, it is actually a fantastic resource for both restorers and those with an historical interest.  The author not only documents her own renovations of bungalow kitchens, but also provides references for period details such as the type of joinery or hardware that would be used during a particular time period, along with a complete history of the in-home kitchen from floors, to iceboxes to stoves and more!

She shares her obsession with vintage linoleum flooring.  Who knew it could be so beautiful? And interesting!

I think the book is out of print but I saw may copies still available on-line.  Honestly, this one is a great resource you will enjoy reading as much as returning to for the fabulous photos.

The last lucky find from literally this same shelf, on another day is this book above.  I purchased it for a girlfriend whose birthday is at the end of the month but since she NEVER READS MY BLOG I can blog about it here and not ruin the surprise!  I am always ripping out those pages from my Glamour magazine for her that show the different body shapes and what to wear for your body type.  She is always looking for the "science" of dressing and here is an ENTIRE book of it!

Simple, easy-to understand graphic illustrations help you to determine which body type is your own....

...while whole sections, called "Dressing Rooms" show you what to wear and what NOT to wear for your body type!  The language is great too.  It tells you what your body-type pros and cons are without being judgmental, just practical for looking good.  It is a fantastic resource for anyone who struggles with choosing what to wear for their own unique shape and I'm sure she is going to love it!

Thank you Savers!  Thank you Meg!  Thank you Mary Randolph Carter! Thank you Jane Powell! Thank you Bradley Bayou!  Kiss kiss kiss...I'm off to bed....

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  1. Carmen and Ginger,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. I am dreaming of buying a little bungalow in my parents hometown in South Carolina. I love the kitchen book. That is one for my shelves!


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