Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Search Of...

Does anyone else remember this show "In Search Of...?"  I was so addicted to it when I was a teen.  I loved anything mysterious and quirky with an "unexplained" side so I was sucked right in!   Leonard Nimoy, although arguably the most eternally typecast actor EVER, transitions well to this role as "expert host" and lends credibility to the mysteries at hand...

My own search is not nearly as mysterious as those followed through on the show.  My search revolves around this antique soda crate, of which I snapped a photo for a friend last week at the flea.  I thought it was neat that the name was the same as his name.  Well, turns out that the company was owned by his great, great grandfather and he's never seen one of these crates before!  Did I buy it? No.  Did I get the phone number of the guy offering it for sale? No.  So...this morning, my friend and I zipped over to the flea in search of the seller....

Sadly, we were out of luck.  The seller was not there today.  We did see this cool vintage bike, but, alas, that is not what we were searching for...

We also spied this cool vintage speaker, but, yet again, we were searching for the box, and, seller of the box, and the speaker, although beautiful, just didn't help.

We have not given up hope.  As I posted last week, the summer is spotty.  This guy had nice things, so, maybe he was off to the shore this morning peddling his wares elsewhere.  Or, maybe he took a day of from selling and was enjoying a day at the beach.  In either case, our search continues and we are still confident we'll find him.  If you know who he is, or, have seen these crates, drop me a note!

In the meantime, I would like to extend a hearty "THANK YOU!" to the guy who brings these tomatoes to the flea for $3/3lbs each week.  They may not look pretty, but they taste AWESOME!  And it is also nice to have a healthy reason to attend the flea "Honey, I buy our fresh produce there..."

I was not doing much shopping as we were on a mission this morning and I'd just spent a while there last week, but, I did spy several boxes of estate goodies and took a poke through.  15 Minutes and a "pile" later I had about six vintage dresses, two vintage swimsuits, two vintage tops, a belt, an apron, some vintage lingerie and more for, oh, I can't even say or you'll cry.  I set about washing items immediately and snapped this pic of my line out back.  Is it weird to be happy that you can take a photo in your backyard that looks like it was taken  in 1958?


  1. thank you so much for the hair tips! I think I'm going to try to keep up with trying to do my own from now on - the vaseline is a bonzer tip - I didn't even think of that but it makes so much sense!

  2. Hey, I thought you were going "on the wagon" with shopping!!!

  3. I stopped tithing to SAVERS, haven't been there all week and do NOT plan to go there this week, or the week after...

    C'mon, like YOU could pass by a box with vintage 1960's Gabar and Roxanne bathing suits sticking out????

  4. No need to defend yourself! You were there for THE FRESH PRODUCE... you can't help it if some other stuff fell into your cart.

  5. EXACTLY! Hello? Thankfully I have my vintage friends here to help support me. (and those tomatoes were damn good, let me tell you!)

  6. You're right, I wouldn't have been able to control myself....being on the wagon stinks anyway!


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