Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Love You Peggy Olson

Mad Men is filled with such engaging and complicated characters, it is hard to pick favorites.  For today, however, we will pay a little more attention to the style of Miss Peggy Olson.  Since she is typically outfitted in dresses with fitted tops and full skirts, we thought the two dresses below, each with matching skinny belts, perfectly capture her style!

This one even has the necktie Peggy is so often seen sporting!
Both of these dresses come fresh from an estate and date to the early 1960's.  They are also synthetic knits so the patterns are vibrant and they wash and wear so well!  I will make the photos "live links" to each listing as I get through them, also, visit Carmen and Ginger to see all items in this posting listed in the next few days. 

Peggy is known to be more demure compared to her colleagues, so, this vintage 1950's cotton bullet bra with lace inserts might be just the thing she would sport beneath those dresses!  (It is a 38B and a little large on my petite form!)

This set of Coro thermoset earrings in two sizes and four colors would be the perfect Peggy accessory!  She could match to her outfits but still not get too wild for sharing the table with her male colleagues.

On a day when she reveals a little more neckline, a funky thermoset necklace in demure blues would be the perfect mid-century accessory for her!  This is also a great day to night piece...

We love you Peggy Olson!

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