Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Flea

I visited the semi-annual tri-town rotary flea in Marshfield, Massachusetts yesterday with great anticipation.  Unfortunately, although I found a few interesting items (like the $5 late-Edwardian hat above) overall the day was no great shakes.  Great weather, for sure, and, crowded with people buying.  The sellers, however, were surprisingly more spartan than usual on such a fine day.  Also, in unusual patterning, the first three rows from the lot were filled with mostly new crap. which, as a vintage lover, is merely an inconvenience with regard to navigating the event.  As usual, there are an assortment of friendly dealers trying to eke out a living with this sort of thing.    There are always a couple that'll drive you crazy too.  The woman with half her items unpriced (aside from the 8 bubble lights for $100) who chose to file her nails and ignore me as I tried to shop her space was remarkable!  Also,  the guy who told me the photos in the box were each about $1 unless they were "really great" and proceeded to "Ooh" and "Ahh" over every item I put my hands on as if it were the most amazing thing he'd ever seen.  According to him they at first "belonged to someone else" which was why they were not priced.  In his next statement they had "just come from an estate" so he was unable to price them.  Whatever.  I did not need them so simply walked away from this drivel.    I did find a few interesting items though, so, wanted to share them with you here.

Flea markets are usually good for vintage Christmas items and this one was no exception.  For my wreaths, this great stack of vintage paper plates and these wonderful vintage stamped star reflectors.  For my Etsy shop (beginning next month...) an early edition of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and a set of vintage 1960's giveaway bags that are sure to give someone endless enjoyment with their miniature toys and gag gifts.

My husband collects antique Japanese prints - which are hard to find for a reasonable price - so I was incredibly happy to find this beautiful Hiroshige print for $25.  Alas, I confirmed when I returned home that not only does my husband already own this lovely print, but it hangs in my bedroom so that I look at it every night.  Sigh. So THAT was how I knew it was good when I saw it!  (What a dope!) This will then show in my shop at some point this fall as well...

The only thing I purchased for myself is this great 1930's fur clip in the shape of a Mexican woman.  I am really smitten with these painted enamel, and, often, pave rhinestone pieces of late.  In fact, my "What did you keep" list is growing to the point where over the past two years I have to admit I have started an official "collection" of these beauties.  The more patina they have the more I love them.  Not for everyone but I think they are swell...

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