Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Twilight Time

Heavenly shades of night are falling...Halloween is all the rage and the "tag" of "twilight" is appearing in my listings.  I have never read a Twilight book nor seen a Twilight movie, however, as previously posted, I have no problem pandering to my potential buyers!

Actually, the upcoming holiday is a great way for me to get some of the rhinestone goodies out there! It's been a while and I do not want to neglect this staple of the Carmen and Ginger shop.   I have acquired some great pieces over the past few months - spiders, moths and lots of jet black - so this is the perfect time to get them seen!

Black clothing is always popular and I have capes, sheer sequined jackets, full length wool and a number of funky dresses to share!

Who better to help me model a black 1940's coat for fall than a 12 lb Ginger Cat?

Oh, and I have a couple of actual Halloween items too...not too many but anything I have and anything I come across soon will be in the shop.  Happy Halloween Hunting, Merry Autumn and may the Romance of Twilight be with they say..." last it's Twilight time."

(As usual, image links will go "live" as items appear in the shop)

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