Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today was the day I supposed to posting pics of yesterday's trip to Brimfield.  Alas, instead I awoke yesterday morning at 4:00AM with a nasty bout of food poisoning, thus canceling the Brimfield plans and any other plans I had made for today.  Since I can still sit and type, I decided to add a little more to this string of recent fashion posts, by adding some more great mod images, and, linking you to this great New York Times article on the 1960's New York boutique Paraphernalia.

I found the article fascinating and of course wanted to see if I could find any images of clothing from that boutique and time period - it was not easy!  In fact, the only item I could find still for sale is this great Betsey Johnson dress above, offered at Viva Vintage Clothing

Actually a 1966 ad for body oil, I still love the PVC pants and clear plastic raincoat with mod black trim details!
If you want to see a great blog post on Paraphernalia with fantastic images, take a look at Child of the Moon's post.  It was  not quite clear where the images came from so I will let you go there to take a look rather than capturing them and trying to figure out how to properly credit them!  In closing, I will leave you with another gorgeous Richard Avedon photo from my recent 1966 Harper's Bazaar mag find.

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