Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Dogrees of Vintage Separation

So, I am getting ready to do one of my "dog listings" in Carmen and Ginger, where I list a bunch of awesome vintage dog goodies that I have been amassing for a while.  They just look so great all together.  So anyway, to support this I wanted to do a post about the popularity of dogs back in the 1930's when many of these pieces originated.  So, I thought about themes and I was thinking about my favorite Hollywood dogs from that time: Asta from The Thin Man movies and George from Bringing Up Baby.  Asta is a natural,  as I have been reading a lot of Dashiell Hammett lately and he of course wrote the original Thin Man story.  But what I did not realize until I took a look on the 'net is that Asta and George are the SAME DOG!  Yup.  Skippy.
Evidently Skippy was a Wire-Haired Fox Terrier quite in demand during the 1930's for his undeniably excellent acting skills.  Here he is above acting like he does NOT know where the bone is, when in fact, he clearly DOES know where the bone is.  The intercostal clavicle bone no less.  What a professional!
If you are not familiar with the movies The Thin Man and Bringing Up Baby then please by all means check them out!  The latter is one of my all time favorite movies, and, aside from the superb acting skills of Skippy; Powell, Loy, Grant and Hepburn turn in typically excellent performances as well.

From ScootersShop on Etsy
In many sources Skippy is credited with bringing popularity to the Fox Terrier breed in the 1930's.  While this is likely true what with his visibility and charming roles, the breed itself is quite likable all on its own. The dogs are friendly, with an active but non-aggressive demeanor.  They are also kid-sized meaning that at about 15" in height or less, they are good companions for kids and just simply "look good" with kids.  I think this is why you see so many of them in vintage children's books and other items from the time period.

From BackGarage on Etsy.
 There are just so many darn cute vintage items to be found on Etsy if you love these little Terriers!  Carmen and Ginger will be listing vintage dog items - including Fox Terriers, Scotties, and more - starting tonight and for the next couple of days.  Take a look at the items offered from these other great sellers as well!  C & G photo-links will be made "live" as items are listed....

From SweetLoveVintage on Etsy.

From BlackScottieTreasure on Etsy.

OMG - it IS Skippy!  From PALEEZE on Etsy.
From SnippetsofTime on Etsy. (Psst - they also have great photos!)

And all items now listed in Carmen and Ginger...
(click photos to be taken to active listings...)

and just way more to even possibly show here right now.  Keep checking this week, so you don't miss anything...


  1. This is one of the best posting of a period of time that interest me very much as a collector. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and posting one of my item.
    PALEEZE (Michael)

  2. I'm so newly smitten with Skippy now - thanks for reading!


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