Monday, September 13, 2010

Where'd the summer go already?

It was less than two weeks ago that I snuck away to a Cape Cod beach with my friend Janet and the sand was so hot that we were running like tourists for the shade of beach plums to put our sandals back on during the 95+ degree day!  We spent most of our time in the Atlantic that day it was so hot, and today, I am wearing long sleeves, long pants, a fleece pullover and have been closing windows throughout the house. Sigh.

Earlier in the summer we'd gotten together one day to tool around and look at plants and things.  I'd snapped the two photos above that day and had tucked them away for a future blog post.  In fact, I had tucked away a variety of photos this summer for "future posts" so will reach back for them all here in this farewell to summer post.

I had almost forgotten that my husband and I made it to Newport one weekend for the Black Ships Festival.  Our first stop was this amazing Taiko Drum Festival performance by Odaiko New England.  (Sorry the pic is so bad, it was insanely crowded and impossible to get into a position for a "better shot" and then be able to return to my seat!)
Walking past the arcade, it occurred to me that they may have Skee Ball, a newly-discovered but hard-to-come-by passion of my husband's.  They did, as you can see from the joyful expression on his face.

My husband told me I'd forget why I took this photo once I got home but I do not forget. I thought the faded and weathered blue fence was beautiful, and I still do.

These lovely flowers bloomed outside a local Newport florist shop which I suppose is good advertising for their skills!

On our return trip from Newport we swung by the RISD Museum to check out an exhibit of Japanese prints that we would otherwise have missed for the season.  Of course I could not take photos at the exhibit, but, I snuck a photo of this gorgeous staircase as we worked our way back downstairs.

Our little urban garden grows yearly and gave us many hours of relaxed privacy and joy this summer.  We will miss it as it fades, but look forward to the new joys of fall.

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