Friday, October 29, 2010

Forever Evergreen

At my thrice-weekly visit to the Post Office today, I was immediately drawn to a display of these new Forever stamps.  Designed by longtime illustrator and Philatelic artist Ned M. Seidler, they feature wonderful botanical paintings of a variety of evergreens.  These claim to be "Holiday Evergreens" which suggests that they will not be around much past the end of the year.  Since I love evergreens for not only the winter holidays, but, for their lovely year-round designs, grabbing a stack of these was a no-brainer!  And with the postal rates scheduled to increase yet again this coming January, these are a wise investment with regard to money as well as design.  No offense to the Liberty Bell, but, aside from my quarterly excise tax bill, who would want to send a brown bell when you can adorn your envelope with a lovely bough of evergreen?


  1. Those ARE really cool looking. I can't grasp the concept of the 'forever' stamp. (Says she who still has 2 rolls of 37 cent USA flag stamps leftover from her Wedding in 2005, before she finally found the elusive LOVE stamps... I'm waiting until postage is 74 cents so I can use 'em easily, LOL)

  2. Sounds like you are the PERFECT candidate for the Forever stamp! And I hear they may increase to 73 cents, which will really put you in a dilemma! ;-P


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