Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Hallowe'en Romp

To celebrate this beautiful New England Hallowe'en Day, my husband and I joined two friends and made the drive up to Rowley, MA to visit the Todd Farm Flea Market.  Did I take any photos of the fall foliage and historic houses in this classic New England town?  No.  Did I take any photos of my friends and my husband? No.  I did, however, snap one photo of this vintage TV.

Evidently we were missed as this was the sight in two different windows when we arrived back home.

It was a good day for Christmas goodies (most for my wreaths) and vintage tablecloths!  A few other goodies were spied as well, though, nothing on our kitchen remodel list was found, sigh.

This Lancaster (Springmaid) cloth is design #5 - an early design! - and still retains its paper tag.  Amazing find!

This silk scarf has some minor issues, but, I  was smitten with the art deco ocean liner design!  Carmen and Ginger will be doing a vacation and travel listing after the new year and this will be included for sure!

This roll of printed wallpaper must have 50 yards on it!  I do not yet know what I will use this for but I simply loved the texture and pattern and it will get used for something, that's for sure!

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  1. Love the scarf, and that wallpaper would be perfect for a dressing room in The Red Velvet Shoe someday :)


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