Sunday, October 10, 2010

A H(a)unting We Will Go...

Photo courtesy of Costume Craze
Last year at about this time, I blogged about my vintage seller angst with regard to the upcoming Halloween holiday.  You see, Halloween is the one time of year when suddenly EVERYONE is willing to shop vintage.  While it can be a "swallow your vintage snobbery pride moment" (i.e.: when someone thinks that vintage dress you thought was so beautiful is so "FUNNY!  and the PERFECT costume!" Huh?) the fact that Halloween brings ALL people, not just the vintage junkies to vintage is a wonderful thing!   First of all from a sales point of view, a sale is a sale. Who cares if someone thinks a dress is beautiful or funny?  You can't control what people do with your items once they purchase them in either case.  The person who thinks something is beautiful may end up trashing it while the person who thinks it's funny may actually have it cleaned after the holiday and carefully pass it along to someone else for a completely different purpose. 

Sexy leopard items are always popular for costume or for clubbing!  And leopard is so "in" again this season, baby!
This is why I realized having the Top Shelf Flea II a week before Halloween is PERFECT timing!  First of all it's a transitional season.  People are looking for not only warmer clothes, coats, etc. but also great formal items to wear to the flurry of holiday events taking place in November and December.   Second, people are looking for fun, unusual items to wear for Halloween!  What a great mixture of shoppers!  Plus, likely some hard core vintage addicts will find some fun costume ideas, and, some strictly "here for a costume" types will get sucked in to the beauty of some vintage treasures. Win win!

Mad Men Costume or Fashion statement?  Patriotic 60's suit or crazy politician lady costume?  These work equally well as both!
Last year I sold a fantastic hot pink 1960's cropped suit, just like the two above and was somewhat aghast when the buyer sent me a photo after Halloween of herself wearing it covered in blood!  "Relax" she assured me, "the suit was perfect for my costume but the blood was temporary.  In fact, I am wearing the skirt as I type this!"  Whew, thank you for that.  See, both costume AND fashion, who knew?

Shiny metallic disco era costumes or Studio 64 couture revisited?
Keep in mind that the vintage sellers at the Top Shelf Flea will each have a variety of items for you again at this event!  Whether you are looking for a formal affair, every day wear, costumed event or gift for that someone-special in your life we've got it!  And, plenty of places to try on the goods for size!  Bring your friends, bring your camera phone and get second opinions if needed!  We all love to talk vintage shop and are happy to help you find exactly what you need.

Skinny ties for guys: Mad Men costume, or, back in style for Fall 2010!
If there is anything you are looking for specifically that you wish for me to bring for you to try on, drop me a note.  If there is something in my shop you wish to see in person let me know that as well.  As you can see, I have racks and racks of goods so will be choosing carefully which goodies to bring.  I am happy to bring along anything special you need - for an event or costume, no worries! - so let me know!

Top Shelf Flea II
Sunday, October 24
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
George Dilboy VFW
Davis Square, Somerville
Free Parking/Free Admission/On the Red Line

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  1. Alas, I DO worry what happens to my vintage babies when they leave my arms...I'll have to work on that. The hot pink suit/blood story nearly caused a heart attack over here!
    Great post, off to share it.


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