Thursday, October 21, 2010

Men's Department - First Level

As usual, there are a number of sellers at the Top Shelf Flea with very nice vintage menswear.  You know, actual suits and proper shirts, jackets and shoes and such.  At Carmen and Ginger, we typically have a lot of "girlie" stuff but want you to know we've got some fun stuff for the guys too!  A great selection of Hawaiian shirts plus a nice vintage jacket or two, rockabilly Jantzen sweater and rockin' 1950's fringe jacket.  And we've always got some great skinny and zoot-suit style ties!  We'll put the men's goods right up front, in plain sight and with easy access, so that you do not even have to touch the "girlie" stuff - we promise!

To my blog regulars - please excuse the relentless Top Shelf Flea promotional topics these past two weeks!  Very busy preparing and generating buzz for the event and will add some diversity of topic back again after Sunday, I promise!

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  1. I'm glad you said something because I was so offended by the relentless Top Shelf Flea promotional topics I was about to 'defriend' you... LOL.


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