Monday, October 11, 2010

October Bliss

Each Columbus Day weekend, the League of Women Voters in Harvard, Massachusetts holds a flea market in the middle of this classic New England town and almost every year promises lovely weather.  This past Saturday was no exception with sunny, clear October skies, warm weather and just the occasional gust of wind to keep dealers on their toes!  (No disasters while I was there though...)  Each year we arrive early, shop until noon, grab lunch from one of the vendors (this year: pulled pork sandwiches or homemade paella!) then finish the second field.  Here are some photos from the day:

A trip to a flea would not be complete for me without photos of some killer chairs!  This time, these fantastic vintage industrial chic stools had me drooling!

Diana from  Find Me A Memory works hard to find those memories for you!

This adorable Boston Terrier wins the doggie award of the day!  Look at him in that sweet argyle sweater!  How vintage cute is that?  His owner was very gracious to allow me to take these pics for the blog.  Because I'm a dope I forget his true name but we'll just call him the cutest thing ever.

Catnip mouse in the original box, unused.  I have cats and they find anything.  This must have been in some DEEP storage to be intact since the 1940's!

I read a little about this company and it turns out that Spratt's, which began operations in England, was the first company to market commercial pet food! They began with dog food in the late 19th century and added cat food and other animal food in later years.  They were masters of marketing, (just imagine, convincing the world that table scraps were no good and you needed "special" food for pets when this was unheard of!)  I love the box graphics and how they illustrate the mad marketing of this remarkable company.

Two awesome vintage hats and this incredible bathing cap above were found from two different dealers.  (I think I put the cap on sideways making it look more cloche-like than turban-like!)

Pair of awesome vintage tablecloths.  I was a little skeptical of the stains on these but I cleaned them both and hung them on the line yesterday and they came out FANTASTIC!  I already have five or six killer Christmas tablecloths ready to go.  Christmas items will likely begin to appear in C&G by the end of the month...

Vintage library bookends in great 1970's teal.
Lastly, a bevy of flea market goodies: Christmas items for my wreaths, a sweet little silhouette mirror, and reverse painted framed scene that will accompany me to the Top Shelf Flea!

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