Friday, October 8, 2010

She's a Burley sort of girl...

Like most people, I don't usually like to be proven wrong.  Usually, I prefer, adamantly, to be right.  There are occasions, however, when it can be a good thing to be proven wrong.  For instance, if you had asked me two days ago if I thought it was still possible for me to walk into this national consignment chain and find a Burley Winter vase sitting on the shelf, I'd have answered "no."  Yesterday, however, I would have been proven wrong.

Last night after work I swung by one of the stores - on a main street in a heavy shopping area no less - and was more than surprised to find this lovely piece of Burley Winter sitting on the shelf.

You can see by the tag that it was not super-cheap for the venue, but, reasonably priced for the object, which is mint, so I was glad to find it.  Also, you can see that the date on the tag is the same date that I purchased it.  It has probably just been put onto the shelf that afternoon which was the only reason it was still sitting there when I happened by no more than an hour or two later.

Burley Winter pottery is not for everyone, but those of us who enjoy it appreciate the heft, thick uneven and no-two-the-same glazes, the classic shapes and wonderful arts and crafts form.   I found my first piece (tall vase in first photo) for a dollar at a junk store and have had my eyes open for new pieces ever since.  I found one of the large jardinières above with minor damage at a local antique mall for about $35 then, found the matching piece a month later in mint condition at a flea market for $10.  The smaller jardinière was also found at a local consignment shop for about $20.  The pieces are often unmarked by name so if you like what you see, learn a bit about them and you may just find a bargain for yourself.  If you wish to read up on the company, this link has a nice summary.  The people who wrote the article also sell the pieces here on this site.   The photos make a nice gallery of forms and glazes for those interested in learning more.

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