Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa's Got a Brand New Bag

Ok, I've had zero response to my first Mystery Grab Bag listing, but I am going to keep plugging away with Mystery Bag #2.  After all, I have three of these, and, I think they are pretty cool even if no one else does!  If you want to read about the history of these items, please see my first post here.  Assuming you understand the deal, I will move forward with the photos and descriptions.  Click the image above to be taken to the Etsy listing. 

Overview of all the contents.
The usual included paper products and gags include a funny bound book of "Buck Passer" ideas so you can check off the appropriate way to "Pass the buck." An envelope marked "Blow Yourself" houses a balloon.  "The Foibles of Nature" envelope again includes a set of cards with funny sayings, quotes, etc on card stock.  The little plastic piece is a noisemaker.

One of my favorite items in all of these bags is a classic metal can of "Adams Mixed Nuts" which opens with a loud rattle and a two-foot snake!  Classic!  The mustard bottle has a yellow string that can be pulled inside then squeezed towards someone to create the gag that you are squirting them with yellow mustard.  An envelope houses a VERY large black rubber spider!

This bag also includes a little Christmas stocking.  I should have taken out the items as they are really cute.  There is a metal Kirchhof red, blue and yellow kazoo, a set of jacks, a balloon with a clown  on it, a plastic top, a tin top and a set of glass marbles.  Finally, there is a little boxed painted wood bird and house that can be turned to create a sound like a bird singing.  Great for driving the cats nuts!  All this in the one little 13" bag.  This bag is missing the drawstring so I tied with a vintage green velvet ribbon.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moderne Christmas

I was poking through some vintage (December/Holiday Issue) Christmas magazines last week and realized I still had not shared this most favorite advertisement of mine.  I think they are advertising the televisions.  Of course when I went back to credit the publication and note the date I cannot find it!  It is one of two from the early 1950's.  Anyway, the ad has a series of half-pages that you flip over this image of the woman in her turtleneck.  In each image she is wearing a different "bottom" has a new television and a new arrangement of totally hip moderne mid-century Christmas decorations.  What's better than that?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

My mother sent me this wonderful vintage Thanksgiving place card as a holiday greeting so I decided to scan it and share it here with you.  My apologies to anyone who looks for me to add things to this blog regularly as I have been incredibly busy and had to do a complete rehaul of my operating system and I am again sick with a cold on Thanksgiving week!  (I posted about the same last year, sigh.)

That said, I plan to get back to more regular posts soon. For now I will send a little shout out to my team, The New England Patriots, who face the Lions in the early Thanksgiving Day game today.  Good luck guys, and, you damn well better beat the Lions.  Then, rest up for the Jets as that is the important one.

The Patriots do an annual Thanksgiving in a Basket charity event for Goodwill.
I'd rather see Kevin Faulk on the field but I'm sure he made these kids' day!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

100% Fun (draiser)

In our ongoing efforts to support "The Forgotten Cat" this season, we decided to create a 100% fundraiser wreath!  This means that 100% of the purchase of this wreath, for $100, will go directly to the non-profit organization.  I'll even cover the shipping!  Payment can be made through Hang Out a Shingle, or, if you wish to have a record of the payment made directly to their organization, you can purchase the wreath from Hang Out a Shingle then pay them and send us the record of the payment so we know to ship.  Easy and a win/win don't you think?  Click any wreath image to be taken to the listing.
Muzzi approves the wreath.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Up for Grabs - Christmas Style

Mystery Grab Bag A
A couple of months ago at one of the semi-annual flea markets I enjoy poking through, I came across several of these vintage Christmas Gift Bags.  They appear to be bags that were given to employees or clients of the Ferro Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio. The graphics on the bags and items found within suggest that they date to the mid to late 1960's.  Each has completely different items so I decided to list them on Etsy as "Mystery Bags."  I have not detailed the contents on Etsy in case the buyer wishes to be surprised, but, am detailing the contents in three blog posts so that buyers can see what they are getting if they do NOT like to be surprised. You dig? 

Mystery Bag A   - total contents
This first bag of course has great groovy graphics on the front and about 11 items inside.  As with all of the bags, they each contain a few printed pieces, some practical items, some toys and some gags.  Since they all spread out fairly evenly, I have left the contents of each as close to original as I could find!   Click any of the contents photos shown, then, click again to zoom in large in your browser to see all details.

This first bag includes a giant inflatable "Apollo Rocket" that can be blown up with a stopper like a beach balloon. It is soft plastic and has never been used.  There is also this odd incense set called "Campfire Memories." It includes a funky faux woodgrain box and sticks to burn with "Natural aroma of an evergreen campfire."  I guess it would be cool to burn around the Christmas holidays.  The glazed pottery burner has nifty graphics and a nice pinecone design.

Paper goods include a couple of envelopes of comical printed cocktail napkins, an envelope of printed puns and platitudes popular at the time labeled "The Foibles of Nature No. 3."; another envelope of cards labeled "Can you "guess" these riddles" which I have left unopened, and in a last envelope marked "It's Cool" with a funny gag fake cigarette unopened in the package.  The package is the style that is currently reproduced and sold at places like Ricky's NYC, OOP! or Urban Outfitters. 

Lastly we have some cute vintage toys.  The train winds up with a key. It is actually in the original box wrapped in tissue unused.  The back side pops up when wound to reveal the engineer. Very cute!  The stocking is mostly full and includes a game of jacks, a balloon, a baseball hollograph card and a marble that I think broke in half, but it is at the bottom so I will leave it.   Finally there is an unopened "revolving whistle" that is a painted wood whistle with little carved animals. It is still sealed in the box so I will leave it to the buyer. Likely made in Japan.

The bag itself is printed natural cotton with a drawstring top and measures 12" tall by 9" wide.  A really fun find for the vintage toy or gag gift collector!  Or even if you are fan of Mad Men or advertising items.  Just realized there is a shoe-shine cloth in there too....  Click the top or bottom image to go to the listing.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beautiful Little Things

Sometimes you find the most beautiful little things in the most unexpected places.  This is why I drive all over the state and region to stand in line at sales in church basements at this time of year.  You might find something like ten spools of the most beautiful vintage seam binding for $.25 each.  Yup, twenty five cents each.  I love to use vintage binding and trims to finish my packages of jewelry before I ship them to the buyer.  At 100 yards each, these spools will keep my packages looking beautiful for a long, long, time...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hats for the Holidays!

Fifty years ago and for decades before that, a woman would not dream of being outside at this time of year without a hat.

A hat was not just worn for practical reasons either, it was a fashion accessory.  In the same way you chose your outfit and your coat you chose your hat to complete the ensemble.

When you went out on the town, you had a place to put your hat.  Restaurants and nightclubs expected women (and men of course!) to arrive in hats and could whisk them away and store them carefully for you while you enjoyed your visit.  A far cry from leaving your winter coat in the car and running into a nightclub in only your dress in the frigid cold as I recall doing in the 1980's.  The other choice was to to dump your coat in a pile on the floor and hope no one took yours while you were dancing.  And a hat?  It would ruin your 1980's sprayed hair sculpture!

Nowadays there are still a fair number of young girls I see running to the nightclub in even less clothes than I wore - no jacket or hat for sure - as they head out in winter.  Many clubs, however, have returned to a more traditional approach.  Along with slow food comes slow entertainment.  A place where you can check your hat and coat as your grandparents did with ease.  Relax, enjoy your night, and know you will look as good coming and going as you do while there.

At Carmen and Ginger we are getting ready to intersperse some fabulous hats (and bags and jewels and clothes) along with our occasional Christmas listings.  This is the time of year to dress fabulous, regardless of which holidays you do or do not celebrate, so a killer hat is a must in any diva darling's closet!  Below are previews of a few.  We will start listing these over the weekend and it may take a couple of weeks to get them all up there for you.  I will make the links live as I go, but also check the shop often to not miss a thing!

Early Rayon Grosgrain Cloche
1940's Silk Turban
1950's Beaded Beauty from Paris

This 1940's Black Velvet beauty actually stores flat!
1960's Sexy Suede
1950's Red Velvet Beret for the Holidays
Oh my my my!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fab Gabs

Strapless Holiday Dress from FabGabs

Ok, I know I am supposed to be using this blog to promote my own Etsy shop, but, when there is a shop on Etsy that not only has fab vintage and terrific photos, but, a great appreciation for holiday merchandising, how can I not show them some love?

Two Tone Party Dress from FabGabs
 Whenever I find myself distracted into cruising mode (I call it cruising, because I'm not really planning to shop, just look, REALLY!) I inevitably click on a photo from this shop.  The goods are great, and the photos phenomenal!  Look at that silver tree and vintage light box above!  And the models are always dressed completely period for each photo, with accessories, jewelry and such to match.  Impressive!

Party Dress for when you've had too much to drink from FabGabs
Check out the shop as they not only  have fantastic items, but they are categorized by waist-size!  I see dresses in the size I used to be, the size I think I am and even the size I actually am!  But do not wait on these items.  They are good quality and true vintage in excellent condition and with detailed descriptions.  So shop fast and early, the items literally fly out of the shop before you can say 23 Skidoo!

Green Party Dress from Fab Gabs - SOLD in 5 Minutes!
Velvet Holiday Coat from FabGabs - SOLD in 5 Minutes!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Magnificent Metals!

Yes, it is true that we are getting all geared up for Christmas at Carmen and Ginger, but that does not mean we have forgotten about other things!   Although we certainly will be listing many Christmas items over the next two months, we will continue to list vintage jewelry, clothing, accessories and other fun personal and gift items to take you through fall and into the glittering holiday season!  To start, we will list some "magnificent metal" jewelry for you that we have had waiting in the wings for a while.  Many of these pieces are marked and from known makers like the Renoir brooch above.  We also have Matisse pieces, Napier Sterling,  Monet Sterling, and Whiting and Davis to name a few.  Keep watching, as it will take a couple of days for us to list them all.  We will plan to make the photos here "live" links to the listings once posted.

Monday, November 1, 2010

You'd Better Watch Out!

Both Carmen and Ginger and Hang Out a Shingle have begun listing their Christmas items today and boy do these items move fast!  As in the past, Carmen and Ginger will bring you wonderful Christmas decorations, linens, jewelry and ephemera from past decades while Hang Out a Shingle will feature handmade wreaths, stockings and arrangements all featuring vintage ornaments and images from Christmas past. 

And this year, as last, we are again happy to set-aside 10% of all gross profits on Christmas items sold in both shops from today through Christmas Day to be donated to The Forgotten Cat!  This organization is run by a very small group of people who not only work full time at their day-jobs, but spend every waking moment (and moments when they should be sleeping!) finding, providing medical care to, fostering and placing into new homes, feral and abandoned cats.  Since we at Carmen and Ginger/Hang Out a Shingle are often warm in our home drinking coffee and cruising the internet while these folks are out helping cats, we feel the least we can do is share some of the profits during this holiday season!

Since vintage and handmade Christmas items make great host/hostess gifts for the holidays, take a look at what we have to offer before you grab something at the local mall...

 We ship worldwide!  Why face the crowded shops and post office when we will pack and ship items for you!

We've started listing items this week, but here are some sneak preview photos at items we have not even photographed yet - like this stack of Christmas tablecloths!  We sold every one we listed last year...

 Vintage Christmas stockings, darling figurines and fantastic boxed lights for your Christmas displays are all in the wings! All these items shown above are soon to be listed at Carmen and Ginger. 

And we've been hard at work on some new wreaths for this season!  These three are each on a silver wreath!  Yup, just like the old silver Christmas trees!  Each features goodies from the 1950's eternally glued to your wreath with a hot glue gun to be enjoyed for generations to come!  This one above includes Santa but gives the reindeer all the love!

This one features a flurry of vintage snowmen!

And lastly (for today...this will not be the last of the wreaths!) is a Santa theme; always a favorite with collectors!  All wreaths to be listed soon at Hang Out a Shingle.

And if you love the Christmas kitties we began this blog with, keep watching as all of those images will be included in a vintage Christmas Kitty wreath in the works!  In the meantime, here are some great items from other Etsy sellers that are sure you get you clicking!

Awesome Kittie Decals from TakeTheCake!
A whole box of unused kitty cards from MomsPopShoppe!
Victorian more your thing? Here is a lovely card from CorpseKeyCo.
Santa loves kitties and they love him right back!  Eternal cuteness in ten original matching cards from my Etsy pal PumpkinTruck!




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