Saturday, November 20, 2010

100% Fun (draiser)

In our ongoing efforts to support "The Forgotten Cat" this season, we decided to create a 100% fundraiser wreath!  This means that 100% of the purchase of this wreath, for $100, will go directly to the non-profit organization.  I'll even cover the shipping!  Payment can be made through Hang Out a Shingle, or, if you wish to have a record of the payment made directly to their organization, you can purchase the wreath from Hang Out a Shingle then pay them and send us the record of the payment so we know to ship.  Easy and a win/win don't you think?  Click any wreath image to be taken to the listing.
Muzzi approves the wreath.


  1. This is a beautiful wreath and a creative way to raise funds. One can get tired of the old boring fundraising methods used. I'll be glad to share this information with people I know.

  2. I LOVE everything you create!

  3. Thanks guys! Let's hope it generates some interest and support for the organization!


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