Friday, November 5, 2010

Fab Gabs

Strapless Holiday Dress from FabGabs

Ok, I know I am supposed to be using this blog to promote my own Etsy shop, but, when there is a shop on Etsy that not only has fab vintage and terrific photos, but, a great appreciation for holiday merchandising, how can I not show them some love?

Two Tone Party Dress from FabGabs
 Whenever I find myself distracted into cruising mode (I call it cruising, because I'm not really planning to shop, just look, REALLY!) I inevitably click on a photo from this shop.  The goods are great, and the photos phenomenal!  Look at that silver tree and vintage light box above!  And the models are always dressed completely period for each photo, with accessories, jewelry and such to match.  Impressive!

Party Dress for when you've had too much to drink from FabGabs
Check out the shop as they not only  have fantastic items, but they are categorized by waist-size!  I see dresses in the size I used to be, the size I think I am and even the size I actually am!  But do not wait on these items.  They are good quality and true vintage in excellent condition and with detailed descriptions.  So shop fast and early, the items literally fly out of the shop before you can say 23 Skidoo!

Green Party Dress from Fab Gabs - SOLD in 5 Minutes!
Velvet Holiday Coat from FabGabs - SOLD in 5 Minutes!


  1. Aww... thanks so much! That's a lovely article and I truly appreciate it. I love my business, and my photographer and models really are the best ever. Have a lovely, happy Holiday season yourself!

    Julie of Fab Gabs Vintage Co.

  2. Your love of what you do shows! Bravo, and, you are very welcome...Christine


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