Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

My mother sent me this wonderful vintage Thanksgiving place card as a holiday greeting so I decided to scan it and share it here with you.  My apologies to anyone who looks for me to add things to this blog regularly as I have been incredibly busy and had to do a complete rehaul of my operating system and I am again sick with a cold on Thanksgiving week!  (I posted about the same last year, sigh.)

That said, I plan to get back to more regular posts soon. For now I will send a little shout out to my team, The New England Patriots, who face the Lions in the early Thanksgiving Day game today.  Good luck guys, and, you damn well better beat the Lions.  Then, rest up for the Jets as that is the important one.

The Patriots do an annual Thanksgiving in a Basket charity event for Goodwill.
I'd rather see Kevin Faulk on the field but I'm sure he made these kids' day!

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