Friday, November 12, 2010

Hats for the Holidays!

Fifty years ago and for decades before that, a woman would not dream of being outside at this time of year without a hat.

A hat was not just worn for practical reasons either, it was a fashion accessory.  In the same way you chose your outfit and your coat you chose your hat to complete the ensemble.

When you went out on the town, you had a place to put your hat.  Restaurants and nightclubs expected women (and men of course!) to arrive in hats and could whisk them away and store them carefully for you while you enjoyed your visit.  A far cry from leaving your winter coat in the car and running into a nightclub in only your dress in the frigid cold as I recall doing in the 1980's.  The other choice was to to dump your coat in a pile on the floor and hope no one took yours while you were dancing.  And a hat?  It would ruin your 1980's sprayed hair sculpture!

Nowadays there are still a fair number of young girls I see running to the nightclub in even less clothes than I wore - no jacket or hat for sure - as they head out in winter.  Many clubs, however, have returned to a more traditional approach.  Along with slow food comes slow entertainment.  A place where you can check your hat and coat as your grandparents did with ease.  Relax, enjoy your night, and know you will look as good coming and going as you do while there.

At Carmen and Ginger we are getting ready to intersperse some fabulous hats (and bags and jewels and clothes) along with our occasional Christmas listings.  This is the time of year to dress fabulous, regardless of which holidays you do or do not celebrate, so a killer hat is a must in any diva darling's closet!  Below are previews of a few.  We will start listing these over the weekend and it may take a couple of weeks to get them all up there for you.  I will make the links live as I go, but also check the shop often to not miss a thing!

Early Rayon Grosgrain Cloche
1940's Silk Turban
1950's Beaded Beauty from Paris

This 1940's Black Velvet beauty actually stores flat!
1960's Sexy Suede
1950's Red Velvet Beret for the Holidays
Oh my my my!


  1. That black velvet is to die for....

  2. ...and it looks like nothing when you see it. Some sort of misshapen black beret. Then you put it on your head and it forms this wonderful dramatic hat! Like Maureen O'Hara would wear in Miracle on 34th Street...

  3. I miss the hat fashion era. I have some wonderful ones in my closet, but I never manage to remember to put them on. And what did ladies do to prevent hat-head hair back then?

  4. I think they just had more hat-friendly hair styles! Actually, the trends in hats follow the hair. 1920's cloches went well with the bobs and the ends just peeking out of the bottom while in the 1940's when women rolled and pinned their hair up, the hats often perched atop the back of the head to not disrupt the "do!"


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