Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moderne Christmas

I was poking through some vintage (December/Holiday Issue) Christmas magazines last week and realized I still had not shared this most favorite advertisement of mine.  I think they are advertising the televisions.  Of course when I went back to credit the publication and note the date I cannot find it!  It is one of two from the early 1950's.  Anyway, the ad has a series of half-pages that you flip over this image of the woman in her turtleneck.  In each image she is wearing a different "bottom" has a new television and a new arrangement of totally hip moderne mid-century Christmas decorations.  What's better than that?


  1. That color palette! Christine, did you ever see Todd Haynes's wonderful retro movie "Far From Heaven" (2002)? He paid homage to the 1950s by using reds, turquoise, and a muted amber wash to the film.

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for the movie reference - I have not seen it but will add it to my Netflix cue! Thanks for reading too... :-)


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