Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa's Got a Brand New Bag

Ok, I've had zero response to my first Mystery Grab Bag listing, but I am going to keep plugging away with Mystery Bag #2.  After all, I have three of these, and, I think they are pretty cool even if no one else does!  If you want to read about the history of these items, please see my first post here.  Assuming you understand the deal, I will move forward with the photos and descriptions.  Click the image above to be taken to the Etsy listing. 

Overview of all the contents.
The usual included paper products and gags include a funny bound book of "Buck Passer" ideas so you can check off the appropriate way to "Pass the buck." An envelope marked "Blow Yourself" houses a balloon.  "The Foibles of Nature" envelope again includes a set of cards with funny sayings, quotes, etc on card stock.  The little plastic piece is a noisemaker.

One of my favorite items in all of these bags is a classic metal can of "Adams Mixed Nuts" which opens with a loud rattle and a two-foot snake!  Classic!  The mustard bottle has a yellow string that can be pulled inside then squeezed towards someone to create the gag that you are squirting them with yellow mustard.  An envelope houses a VERY large black rubber spider!

This bag also includes a little Christmas stocking.  I should have taken out the items as they are really cute.  There is a metal Kirchhof red, blue and yellow kazoo, a set of jacks, a balloon with a clown  on it, a plastic top, a tin top and a set of glass marbles.  Finally, there is a little boxed painted wood bird and house that can be turned to create a sound like a bird singing.  Great for driving the cats nuts!  All this in the one little 13" bag.  This bag is missing the drawstring so I tied with a vintage green velvet ribbon.

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