Monday, November 1, 2010

You'd Better Watch Out!

Both Carmen and Ginger and Hang Out a Shingle have begun listing their Christmas items today and boy do these items move fast!  As in the past, Carmen and Ginger will bring you wonderful Christmas decorations, linens, jewelry and ephemera from past decades while Hang Out a Shingle will feature handmade wreaths, stockings and arrangements all featuring vintage ornaments and images from Christmas past. 

And this year, as last, we are again happy to set-aside 10% of all gross profits on Christmas items sold in both shops from today through Christmas Day to be donated to The Forgotten Cat!  This organization is run by a very small group of people who not only work full time at their day-jobs, but spend every waking moment (and moments when they should be sleeping!) finding, providing medical care to, fostering and placing into new homes, feral and abandoned cats.  Since we at Carmen and Ginger/Hang Out a Shingle are often warm in our home drinking coffee and cruising the internet while these folks are out helping cats, we feel the least we can do is share some of the profits during this holiday season!

Since vintage and handmade Christmas items make great host/hostess gifts for the holidays, take a look at what we have to offer before you grab something at the local mall...

 We ship worldwide!  Why face the crowded shops and post office when we will pack and ship items for you!

We've started listing items this week, but here are some sneak preview photos at items we have not even photographed yet - like this stack of Christmas tablecloths!  We sold every one we listed last year...

 Vintage Christmas stockings, darling figurines and fantastic boxed lights for your Christmas displays are all in the wings! All these items shown above are soon to be listed at Carmen and Ginger. 

And we've been hard at work on some new wreaths for this season!  These three are each on a silver wreath!  Yup, just like the old silver Christmas trees!  Each features goodies from the 1950's eternally glued to your wreath with a hot glue gun to be enjoyed for generations to come!  This one above includes Santa but gives the reindeer all the love!

This one features a flurry of vintage snowmen!

And lastly (for today...this will not be the last of the wreaths!) is a Santa theme; always a favorite with collectors!  All wreaths to be listed soon at Hang Out a Shingle.

And if you love the Christmas kitties we began this blog with, keep watching as all of those images will be included in a vintage Christmas Kitty wreath in the works!  In the meantime, here are some great items from other Etsy sellers that are sure you get you clicking!

Awesome Kittie Decals from TakeTheCake!
A whole box of unused kitty cards from MomsPopShoppe!
Victorian more your thing? Here is a lovely card from CorpseKeyCo.
Santa loves kitties and they love him right back!  Eternal cuteness in ten original matching cards from my Etsy pal PumpkinTruck!


  1. I am so flattered that you included my little post card in your blog. I am glad you did because I now have a fun blog to follow!

  2. Thanks for the compliments and for taking a look! We love to feature the awesome vintage items from other Etsy sellers on here...

  3. I have two of your wreaths and they are WONDERFUL and the center of my holiday decorating! THANKS SO MUCH-- again!

  4. Thanks Deb! Now that you have a place with three outside doors I may have to make you another outdoor wreath!


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