Monday, December 20, 2010

I Spy - Last Minute Christmas Bargains

Circa 1935, that is!  I found this great vintage Kresge's "color book" last year just after the Christmas holiday and luckily just rediscovered where I'd stashed it for a seasonal blog post.

Of course the "color book" (or coloring book, as we call them today) is basically a giant marketing ploy for children.  Funny, I would have guessed the concept of manipulating children over the holidays a more contemporary one.  This is pre-Depression, of course, and was likely not seen with this force again until the 1950's.

One of my favorite spreads in the book is this one featuring toy cars and other modes of transportation.  It just immediately dates the book to the 1930's.  I love how everything is "steamlined."  Also, the not so subtle banner along the bottom "Tell Mother and Dad which of these KRESGE Toys you want for Christmas."

Popeye and Tom Mix further help to date this to a time period in popular culture.

I'll bet that "Little Orphan Annie" Pastry Set with recipes along with that Little Orphan Annie steel stove would be quite popular if I were to find them for my Etsy shop!

More "streamlined" vehicles along with a direct message to Mothers and Fathers are on this page.  I'll bet those trains were luxury items, even if this was only the $.25 - $1.00 stores at the time.

A charming winter scene decorates the back cover.  And wait, is that an Airship I spy in the snowy night sky?

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