Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Men's Department

A week or so ago my husband asked me to please, please  PLEASE give him some hints about what I would like for Christmas.  As a woman, I find this so absurd. I mean, don't I talk about, point at, and scheme over the things I like all day long every day?  How can this be such a mystery to him?  But, it is true that in this dilemma he is not alone.

Men have typically had a hard time figuring out what to get for woman as gifts. They just don't think about it all that much, but, they know we (women) tend to put an enormous amount of importance on such things, so their brain just goes into a freeze when faced with the thought of selecting something for us.  This is why men's magazines typically feature some ideas for gifts for women, as this spread does from a Holiday 1957 Issue of Esquire.

Hell, featuring jewels from Marcel Boucher &  Schiaparelli and a purse from Lederer de Paris, I'd be glad to find these under my Christmas tree today!

The men's magazines, although helpful, were, and still are, marketed towards men with girlfriends and mistresses, not wives.  When it comes to wives, we used to be WAY easier to please!  Who needed gems? Give us kitchenware!  This woman above is looking at her new Chase coffee pot as if it is the Holy Grail of kitchen appliances!

Women's magazines told us exactly what we wanted.  We wanted the new version of everything to do with the home.  Appliances, cookbooks, kitchenware, cleansers - we needed and wanted the newest and best!

A new range was reason for a party indeed!  All her friends are giddy with excitement over the unveiling.  I'll bet they were not this excited to meet the husband the first time.

Even the most mundane of tools evoked eye-popping expressions of joy and limbs paralyzed with excitement!

I do feel sorry for my husband, as I cannot image getting this excited over much of anything, least of all a coffee maker, cookbook or mop.   I have given him some ideas, but, as I try and explain, the smallest gift from him that he simply selected for me, whether I realized I wanted it or not, would be the most special.  Somehow I don't think he quite believes this, and, will likely work diligently off the list I've provided.  Truth is though, I treasure the smallest of his gifts daily, when I spoon sugar from the vintage sugar bowl he gave me at our first Christmas together.

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  1. Amen, Sister! I've been obsessing over a red square Pyrex casserole with lid I have for sale at the shop; Kenny said maybe he'd sneak in while Claudia is working and buy it for my birthday next week. Ummm... handing me 30 dollars and letting me keep something I technically already own... that's romantic. File this under "Can you just pretend we're still dating and not floss in front of me? We are in the living room, after all."


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