Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vintage Christmas Goodies!

I've already posted about my love for vintage and vintage-inspired Christmas wrapping papers.  It probably does not surprise you, therefore, to learn that my mother also shares this passion and also adorns her packages with amazing vintage tags and seals!  Above is just a smattering of some wonderful vintage doo-dads included with packages yesterday morning...

I received - as usual - some incredibly thoughtful, beautiful and generous gifts from friends and family this year!  Since this blog is mostly devoted to vintage, I will highlight some lovely vintage items.  These items in no way diminish the other lovely gifts I was fortunate to receive.

The necklace above is a gift from my husband - who has great taste!  - and made the purchase from a darling little Etsy shop SundayandSunday.   The shop has wonderful items and the knowledgeable husband and wife team that operate it only offer quality goods with an eye to unusual designs and commitment to customer service.  Thank you to them for helping my husband gift to me this lovely piece which I already wore this Christmas!

Tucked into my Christmas stocking were two vintage sets of Dennison's Preserve Labels.  Fantastic labels, and, as with many Dennison's items, the packaging is as beautiful as what lies within! (thanks, Santa.)

From my friend Neil, this fantastic 1940's green pottery and parchment lamp.  Great light, but one of the most beautiful details lies beneath the shade: a glorious art deco bakelite lamp housing and custom harp - wow!

For our almost-completely-renovated 1930's style green and cream kitchen, this great cookpot from Mom in 1930's green and cream enamel with a bakelite knob.

I spied - purely by accident - these vintage 1940's peep-toe pumps in exactly my size on Etsy one day and posted a link on my Facebook page.  Evidently Dad saw the post, clued-in mom, and a Christmas gift followed.  They fit perfectly!  If they look too tight it is simply because I shot these by posing like this, leaning forward and photographing my own feet!  Not actually sure how I remained standing. 

Thank you again to all my friends and family members who gave me such thoughtful gifts this holiday!  Food, music, books, clothing, household items and gift-cards to enable us to continue to restore this old house.  I am grateful to all and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Wow, Santa was good to you! those shoes are terrific, and I love your paper ephemera too.
    Thank you so much for including the necklace in your blog, wear it in good health and enjoy!
    All good things for 2010.
    Ed and Carolyn Sunday

  2. I loved the gifts you got from family and friends. Everyone had good taste. :)

  3. I agree with both comments! I am very lucky to have the friends and family that I have!


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