Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Little Holiday Music

I officially began the Christmas season at my house last week by breaking out the Christmas CD's as I cleaned the house in preparation for decorating.  Who knew that talking about CD's would make me look old?  Hell, I am not even going to mention the great music I still have on tape and LP that I need to convert to digital to enjoy it!

I am further going to date myself by admitting that although I enjoy the holiday music of the 30's, 40's and 50's the best, I traditionally kick off my personal listening by a blasting of The Waitresses "Christmas Wrapping."  from 1981.  I cannot explain my love for this song aside from the fact that it is just so eighties and reminds me of my youth.  Plus, I saw The Waitresses live one night in 1984 at  The Ritz in New York City so I have a soft spot for this short-lived but talented and catchy girls band.

After The Waitresses, I typically reach for either of the two Brian Setzer Christmas CD's.  Although I knew all the covers (about 85%) on these CD's by the original records, regardless of how obscure, this band ROCKS and these CD's are a delight year after year!

Some harder-to-find vintage R & B as well as this crazy-ass CD from Accordion Cafe are always on my list.  The former is a no-brainer; talent + sincerity + vintage = winners!  And the latter, well, you have not lived until you have heard their tango arrangement of "We Are Santa's Elves" from the Rudolph claymation special.

If you are really into the Christmas Cartoon music, I believe this is part two of this CD set.  Personally, I cannot listen to most except annually pop this one in for the Heatmiser Frostmiser songs from The Year Without a Santa Claus. 

Looking for a good mix to keep in your car or pop in when company come over?  Starbucks has actually done a good job with releases over the past few years.  Pink Martini is a contemporary band with vintage flair.  The other two compilations include a lot of vintage goodies you do not find in other compilations, especially the "Soul" CD which had some recordings even I did not have before.

Every year a listen to Duke Ellington's rendition of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite at least once or twice.  Warning: there are moments during this recording when Johnny Hodges' playing and the orchestra's jamming has me dancing uncontrollably around my living room.  Make sure your shades are drawn or you might embarrass yourself. 

A must-have recommendation for your collection? This classic from Ella.  Every song is masterful and beautiful.  From the jolly to the sublime; her version of "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" will have you mesmerized.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Best Wishes!

Personally, I have a pecan pie in the oven as I am typing this and, although my ingredients did not have nearly the cute expressions as those above, everything seemed to go swimmingly and nothing went awry.  To those of you cooking, baking, hosting, or traveling this day, I wish you all the best!

If you are cooking, I hope your artistry shines!

Here's wishing any family squabbles stay to a minimum!

I wish you extremely satisfied guests!

...and at the end, I wish you lots of help cleaning the kitchen!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Moderne Table

We know you are trying to do it all this holiday season - cooking, hosting, traveling, gifting - and that you also want to do it in vintage style!  To aid you, here at Carmen and Ginger, we are ready to list some items to take you right through the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and right on into the Christmas season! 

Need to go from the oven to the table (then maybe right to the fridge?) how about one of these two awesome mid-century covered casseroles with matching warming stands?  Just add a candle or some sterno and you are ready to go!

Want to look especially festive at the table?  Add one of our colorful vintage tablecloths or a whimsical salt and pepper shaker set!

There's room for both kitschy fun and traditional splendor at Carmen and Ginger's table!

Mid-century?  Yup, we've got that.  All these items - and more!- are coming to Carmen and Ginger tonight and tomorrow; in plenty of time to be delivered to your holiday table.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Owl be 'owling about Owls on 'Owl-loween

I typically post about something on Halloween, so, decided this year to post some of my great old owl cards.  I cannot recall where I found these.  Some, I think, came as a gift in a bundle from my mother, while I have picked up others here and there.  Only one is an actual "Halloween" card, one is actually a Christmas card, and most are advertising cards.  They do all, however, look great together!  The graphic at the top of this post is the Kenton Baking Powder logo on the back side of the three Baking Soda cards below.

An actual Halloween postcard!  No idea where I found this as they are just so hard to find.  If it was given to me as a gift I apologize for my forgetfulness!
Unsure of the origins of this one; the Barn Owls are lovely and the background actually die-cut out.

The two above appear to be the liquor drinkers and teetotalers both touting Halifax C & B Co's Fine Biscuits and Confectionery.

Although the bottom is very different in style from the humorous nature of the top two, all three of these are from Kenton Baking Powder.
Yet another lovely die-cut around the owl and branches.  This one also from a Halifax business; the W. Taylor & Co. Boot and Shoe Store.
And lastly, a Christmas card.  Looks more like a Halloween card to me!  But a lovely sentiment, and, as usual, you will be seeing many more Christmas posts on this site very soon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Hat

I am a fan of the new NBC show, "Prime Suspect."  Of course, being the American version, it is faster-paced and does not have nearly the depth of the British series starring Helen Mirren.  As far as network cop shows go, however, I am enjoying it.  Let's just hope it does not go down the "every-criminal-is-a-grueseome-serial-killer" path that so many other shows succumbed to and lost me (think: Law & Order Criminal Intent - Oh WHY?)  But I digress.  I am here today to talk about the hat.  You know, THAT hat.

It's not that we are opposed to hats on Maria Bellow, or, her character, or, that we even dislike this particular hat.  We dislike THIS hat on HER head.  It's too small.  The proportions are all wrong.  It looks odd.  I presume they are trying to make her character look "tough" but it is just distracting.  She is a good actress.  Wait, a VERY good actress.  She can play tough, in a hat that actually fits. Really.

For example, here is Jennifer Aniston wearing a men's styled (or small vintage men's?) fedora.  It looks great!  She is only two years younger than Maria, and, also has long blond hair.  The two are beauties for sure!  Why does this look so much better?  It is the right SIZE for her head!  The hat is right, and, more importantly in a fedora, the brim is right.

Look people, Maria can rock a HAT!  Here she is looking equally stunning in a kicky beret, vintage straw number and even a softer-styled Fedora that FITS!  Get the woman a new hat and let's move on.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Urban Vintage Bazaar Vendors Confirmed!

We are pleased to share with you the twelve vendors who will be participating in the November 5th Urban Vintage Bazaar at Brown University!

Antiques in the Attic
A “vintage veteran” Diana has owned and operated her brick and mortar shop for years on Pontiac Ave. in Rolfe Square, Cranston but is no stranger to taking her goods on the road.  Look for amazing costume jewelry, holiday collectibles, housewares and other unique gems!  (Rumor has it she will share her space with another area “vintage veteran” – you’ll have to come by to see!)

Find Me a Memory
Yet another “vintage veteran” and another Diana; she is also no stranger to the antiques and collectibles business having sold in group shops and on-the-road at vintage events like this one for years!  She is also the first person to tell me about this “new thing” eBay 15 years back, where she was savvy enough to start selling back in 1997!  She will bring some select clothing and jewelry along with antique and collectible books and art to this venue.  Visit her on-line any time at Find Me A Memory and The Library Cat.

The women of Gypsy refer to themselves as a “Roaming Resale Boutique” which means you can ONLY find them on the road at events such as this one!  While they have a somewhat regular gig at SOWA Vintage Market, they are constantly updating their inventory with vintage and previously-owned fashions with an eye towards hard to find and hard-to-fathom-in-your-hands! designer goods at breathtakingly affordable prices!  Check out their schedule here at Find Gypsy.

Guess What I Have
Those of you who miss the days when This and That Shop was a fixture on Wickenden Street will be so happy to see Mayra’s smiling face at Urban Vintage Bazaar!  You will remember her as the sales person who usually helped you check-out but what you probably did not know is that she also sold her goods in the shop and has an amazing collection of items to share with you at this event!  You can visit her on-line shop any time at Guess What I Have, but, visit her at the Bazaar for fresh vintage goods  - clothing, jewelry, accessories and funky housewares - she has not even shared with anyone yet!

Unassuming academic and mom by day – incredible finder of mid-century chic items any time she goes hunting!  Nimco has one of the most amazing collections of mid-century goodness – especially enamel – that I have ever seen!  Luckily, she has no more room at her own house, but, her finding skills continue to enable her come home with goodies that she occasionally shares at pop up venues such as this one.  Consider yourself VERY lucky….

NJ Nan’s Antiques
Nancy has an eye for beautiful items - a talent she luckily uses to share her finds with you!  In fact, we met as I was drooling over some of her fantastic holiday pieces as she stocked her space at a local antiques mall. No stranger to taking her wares on the road, she will bring vintage jewelry, housewares, linens and books to the Bazaar on November 5th!

S & M Salvage
This couple is no stranger to collecting vintage or doing live events, but, they are just getting their vintage items out for the first time as S & M Salvage at our venue!  What does this mean?  Two people with awesomely cool, and totally FRESH vintage stock of industrial items and lighting among other things for the first time at the Urban Vintage Bazaar.  How can you resist? I cannot wait to see what they bring!

Shoppe Pioneer
Natalie opened her store, Shoppe Pioneer, on South Main Street earlier this year and it is already making a big splash in the vintage and fashion scenes of Providence!  Although her shoppe is in the heart of the RISD campus, she will travel ALL THE WAY up the hill (RI inside joke) to Brown to show off an exclusive selection of her vintage and re-sale designer goodies for you!

Studebaker Hawk
We really, really wanted to have a “record guy” at our event and are lucky to have one of the best, Studebaker Hawk!  Some of you may know him from his DJ-ing skills, others may know him from his appearances selling at the Rock and Roll Yard Sales and the rest may simply be friends with him on Facebook as the guy has more friends on Facebook than anyone else I know!  Check out his page here, or, send him a friend request as I am sure if you want to be his friend (and who wouldn’t?) he will accept!  We can’t wait to see - and hear! -  the vinyl goods he shows up with!

The Red Velvet Shoe
I know no one else who is as careful and meticulous with her vintage items as Michelle from The Red Velvet Shoe.  She only buys the best and only sells if items are in impeccable condition and merchandised to perfection!  Warning: beware of getting sucked into her booth for hours as once you start looking you just can’t stop!  She will bring her classic clothing, accessories and jewelry, but, is also bringing some fun linens, books and records and I, for one, cannot wait to see what she has!  You can see what she is up to – selling on-line or in-person, or, musing about the vintage world- on her blog, Tales of a Vintage Wardrobe.

Vintage Haven
I’m not quite sure how Deb from Vintage Haven does it, with spaces at several local antique malls, participation in a number of pop-up events and even selling at the local outdoor flea, she still has miles of inventory to share with you!  (did we mention she also works full time?)  She has not only amazing energy but a great eye for vintage and antiques, and will be bringing a terrific assortment of clothing, jewelry and accessories, along with vintage linens, lace, buttons and patterns!  Her stuff will have you drooling as she has a special affinity for textures and colors that will have you swooning in awe!  Oh, and have we mentioned yet she is also on-line?  Visit her any time at Vintage Haven.

Carmen and Ginger
I will be bringing an assortment of vintage clothing, accessories and jewelry with an emphasis on funky coats, leather jackets, day dresses, fun, colorful brooches, necklaces and earrings and handbags galore!  I will have items for both men and women – mad men, rockabilly, groovy, mod, and disco trends will be well-represented.  I will likely bring along some mid-century pottery and serving items as well, just to keep you surprised and wowed!  You can visit me any time at Carmen and Ginger.

Saturday, November 5
12:00 Noon - 4:00 PM
Faunce Hall/Lower Level
Brown University
Intersection of Brown and Waterman Streets
Providence, Rhode Island
Free Admission/Indoors

Friday, October 14, 2011

Harvard Flea POSTPONED!

The Harvard Flea Market has been postponed from tomorrow, Saturday, to SUNDAY!   This means we will have a nice sunny dry day instead of a windy day in the mud, yay!  Same hours, hope to see you there!

The 40th Annual Harvard Flea Market
The Bromfield School, Route 111
Harvard, MA

(postponed one day until...)
Sunday, October 16, 2011
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM




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