Sunday, January 23, 2011

And away we go!

I was looking through some late 1950's Esquire Magazines I had found for a steal for my husband last summer and was smitten with this travel ad for Cuba.  Does this say "Fun!" or what?  One big, sexy, exotic party that we have not been allowed to attend for the past 47 years.  Of course, since we took away most tourism from their economy, life is not so much the party it was before, but Cuba's culture is so rich and the country so beautiful, I do long for the day when we will be allowed to travel there again.  For now, we will simply look back to the days when travel was a rare luxury and a true adventure!

Heading south from the continental US has always been, and still is, one of the most popular getaways! Whether to the now-forbidden Cuba, the still-popular Jamaica or staying on the mainland but in Million-Miles-Away-Miami, Americans love to head south to relax.

There are people who take a plane ride to work every day nowadays, but fifty years ago a plane ride was an adventure!  You were going someplace exotic and you planned for it!  Look at those flight times, 12 hours to London from Montreal?  I think we do it in half that now!

A cruise on an oceanliner was then, and still is now, a slow and luxurious way to go.  Only difference today is that the "typical" cruisewear above would be replaced with hoodies and sweats; or just walking around in a bikini!

Heck, even the buses looked more adventurous back then, with their streamlined forms and gleaming exteriors!

When you traveled back then it was an EVENT.  You looked good, baby.  Hat, pearls, gloves, heels and killer luggage was the way to go.  No one was taking off their shoes and getting a pat down in 1958.

At Carmen and Ginger, we decided to do a little mid-winter tribute to the getaways of the past during this, the traditional travel season of the privileged.  From our snow-bound New England home with absolutely no plans for a getaway, we will provide you with an array of items for your virtual "escape." 

From vintage roadmaps to well-loved adventure novels, we've got you covered!

Vintage souvenir pennants are always a fun reminder of past excursions...

 ...and you know we hunt for those vintage souvenir scarves for you all year!  We've got a bunch that are ready to go!  Along with the items above, we have some additional travel-related accessories and goodies we will list at the same time.  We are still getting everything photographed (weather-cooperating), so keep watching for items to appear by the end of this week.


  1. Actually, European tourism in Cuba is a big industry, not to mention the Canucks and occasional US embargo runner :-D. It still has that vintage feel, but when the US economic restrictions are lifted, I imagine it will quickly become like any other Caribbean resort.

  2. The last thing I'd want would be for it to end up like "any other resort." I suppose that may be inevitable, though, with it being an island. I'll have to run down there as soon as I can, that is, if I do not break down and go by way of Canada like SOME people I know... ;-)


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