Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Photos

I realized I still had some borrowed family photos from my uncle Tom that I had promised to return, after scanning them, about a year ago... So, today's the day to scan them and blog a little about them.  The photo above is my mother along with two aunts, in Boston, circa 1958.

My mom, the hottie, is on the left.  She is about 15 here and very 1950's fashionable as she marches into her teens.  Coming from a family of nine kids, and being the second youngest, my mom did not have a lot of things of her own.  I wonder if that handbag was her own or borrowed?  (Maybe she will comment and fill us in?)  I wonder where that handbag IS????  Beside her is my aunt Susie, likely about 12 or 13 and just becoming a little hottie herself!  Teenagers looked so much more grown up back then, did they not?  On the far right is my aunt Marilyn. She was married to my uncle Tom, one of four older brothers to the two to the left, so was likely taking them out and about when this photo was taken.  Tom took the photo.  Sadly, Marilyn died far too early several years ago, but she was the same elegant and generous woman with that engaging smile for as long as I knew her.

I had to really crop into this photo in which the figures are tiny.  Dating to about 1969/1970, that is Marilyn's son David on the left, at about age 5 or 6, with two of our cousins to the right.  My dad, looking scarily like a brunette Drew Carey, is "buried" in the snow mound which covers half the swingset.  I really have no idea what is going on here aside from what appears to be quite a substantial snowstorm! 


  1. The funny thing is I was thinking, "Wow Diana is so good looking." then I saw your "hottie" comment.

    Did you notice that I'm overdressed in an unbuttoned cardigan?

  2. Yes, I noticed that you are not only without facial hair, but wearing a sweater in the sun. If I were not aware of other photos of you at this time of your life, I would never have known it was you!

  3. I have absolutely no recognition of this picture being taken. I do not recognize any of the clothing I am wearing. I do notice though that I have a short thin weight jacket on while Susie and Marilyn look like they are freezing. I probably was too, but wanted to look "cool" in my little short jacket.

    The other picture looks like it was taken during Dad's "father knows best" period when he cut his beard off and wore what he thought the new Dad should be wearing. You must have been really young and I don't even know if Mark was born yet. I think the funniest thing about it is the look on the kids faces. They look like they think he is nuts for doing whatever he is supposed to be dong (showing how high the snow was piled). MOM

  4. I was thinking that about your coat too Mom! You like like you are posing for an Easter pic and they look like January! You are at that age where you probably wanted to look older and chic! I am guessing that David (And I think Donna) are about 5 or 6; they are 3 years older than me so I would only be 2 or 3. I have no idea what Dad is doing. He does look like Drew Carey in this photo though!

  5. And it looks liker I'm wearing a tie.


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