Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's All in the Details

I was looking at the surface of a vintage item in my house yesterday and I thought it could be fun to do a blog post where readers could try and guess what an item is from seeing only a little snippet of it.  Not sure if anyone but me thinks this is fun, but, here you go!  Each of the top images is shown with no description, below, I show each item in full view with a brief description of what it is.  If you like this game, let me know. If not, well, your silence will give me my answer!









Ok, here are the full photos.  Hope someone found this fun!

A - A vintage set of drawers I keep in my studio that houses all my printer paper and labels in "shabby" vintage style!

B - A vintage step-on scale.

C - This vinyl upholstered chair decorates the guest bedroom.

D - Giant advertising Ice Cream Cone also in the guest bedroom.

E - 1918 Lithographed Calendar in the kitchen.

F - 1930's Kitchen Scale, a recent find by my husband!

G - Our Vintage KitchenAid Coffee Grinder
(which needs to be cleaned of coffee dust!)

H - One of my Burley Winter Jardinieres

I - Those vintage "Wet Paint" signs I still have not
removed from my kitchen!


  1. I got A, D and H right! Thought for sure that B was the top of a jewelry box. That is the coolest scale I've ever seen!

  2. I had fun trying to guess what each one was and thought I would do well before seeing the results. I only had one correct. I should have guessed the coffee grinder as ours looks the same too. MOM

  3. Stella, how on earth did you get "D" right? Must be the designer in you seeing that image broken down like that...and Mom: no excuses for not getting the coffee grinder! (although your's is always clean I'm sure which is why you did not recognize it - ha ha!)

  4. Well I only got A and H...But it was Fun for sure.

  5. Wow, thanks for playing along! So glad to hear you are having fun with this idea! :-)

  6. I only got a few right, the coffee grinder one was a stumper!

  7. I only got H right, and just that it was a pottery vase... apparently I s*ck at this game, LOL. But it was fun to play! And I LOVE your coffee grinder. Swoon, swoon, I'll trade ya Kenny's Cuisinart Grind & Brew for it... pretty please??

  8. No trading, sorry! Although, I am good at finding them and the 1960's models. I hooked up one friend with avacado green and brought another to an estate sale where the 1960's version in creamy white was unused in the orignal packing box for $3. She is STILL in heaven! (PS: I had the original measure glass for about, no lie, 20 years and just broke it over the summer. Mom got me a repro...)


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