Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

I do not know where I found, or, why I own half the things I have stashed around here. Today I was looking for an old soap label - yes, an old soap label - which I did not find, but instead, I found this old Epilator wax block and instructions from the 1940's.

Personally, I have never even tried anything like this; whether from a box at the drug store or professionally applied at the spa.  I cannot imagine, however, the risks that must have been associated with trying this at home 70 years ago!

Yikes!  Your arms too?  This looks like a long, painful and involved process.  Especially for someone with even a quarter Mediterranean blood in them like me!

At first I thought she was tackling quite the 'stache in these images!  Then I realized that's an illustration of the wax on her upper lip.

In some odd way I find this embossed block of wax quite beautiful.


  1. I'm catching up on your blog and this was a gem. I agree with you about the beauty of the embossed block of wax picture above.

    Let me ask though, does it look as though she is using a wooden spoon to apply "ZIP"?

  2. Yes! I love that first pic because that was the one where I thought she was saying "Gee, maybe I should remove some of this hair?" and that the black was her mustache! When I saw the other pics I realized that was the wax...


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