Friday, February 18, 2011

I Brake for Antiques

At Carmen and Ginger, we offer all sorts of stuff; jewelry, accessories, ephemera, craft supplies, clothing, you name it!  Although we love to offer the really old stuff, it is hard to do it consistently. That is why we are excited to have one of our semi-annual "antiques" weeks.  We have been amassing all sorts of the oldest stuff - china, linens, hats, fur and dress clips, paper goods, etc. -  for months, and it's getting ready for a debut!  Most of these items date to the earliest part of the last century and qualify as "antiques."  Not that there is anything wrong with "vintage" mind you, it's just that we'll be a little snobbish for a week or so.  We are still finishing up with our photos, but will begin listing these items this week.  If we have it together, photos will be made "live" links as we list the items...

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