Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Passementerie My Dear

Yesterday, in my travels back towards Rhode Island from Massachusetts, I decided to stop at a couple of area antique shops that I enjoy visiting.  Of course, I at first stopped by Salvage Chic in Pembroke to visit with Christine and Claudia who always have not only wonderful items for sale, but, a great attitude and fun stories to keep me laughing!   I next decided to stop by The Antique Odyssey in West Bridgewater as I had not had a chance to stop by in a while.  I found a number of awesome items, as always, but I especially wanted to show off this fab 1940's Rayon Crepe dress I found in the back room.

I bought this one for me, not to resell and it does fit great!  I just was not in the mood to model this morning.  The dress is the most fabulous cherry red color!  (Digital cameras cannot capture reds, which is why it looks different in each photo.  I think the very top and very bottom photo show the color most true.)

It zips up the front with slash pockets and a matching sash!  The skirt falls all the way to the ankles with 3/4 length sleeves with turned back cuffs and that amazing Passementerie work at the collar!

There are two small - about 1/4" - holes in the rayon.  I was debating if I should stitch them closed, patch from the back with fusible tape, (using matching fabric from the interfacing), or, patch from the back and stitch around?  Any ideas on what would look best to minimize the hole and not call more attention to the area?

 I believe Saybury did robes and loungewear as well as dresses, and that this dress was intended to be worn around the house, not out and about.  Again, any thoughts on this 1940's piece and the intended use?

Personally, I cannot wait to head out and about in this beauty!  I think it will also make a terrific holiday dress come next Christmas season, do you agree?

I have provided links to the brick and mortar shops mentioned above, but, all three proprietors also have fab Etsy shops you should check out!  The links are below:

So if you are not in the Massachusetts area, stop by the virtual shops and take a look around!


  1. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely! It is just fantastic. I agree with you and believe it was made as a Lounge Robe for all those times you are just lounging around the house. It will make a great dress though. I am not sure about the holes, but the one thing I would not do is just try and stitch them together as I have tried thisin the past and have not been very successful. Where are the holes? MOM

  2. The hole I show is the largest and it is inside the left pocket. There is another slightly smaller hole on the front right about at the waistline where the sash would tie. There is also matching wear with the beginning of a hole inside the right pocket. Deb suggested I cut a diamond of fabric and stitch it on top to look like a decorative element. This would work. There is a large panel of interfacing inside where the tag is. I could cut a piece off and resew that edge seam then would have enough to patch the other areas. It really is fabulous!

  3. oh so pretty, I am feeling red something fierce these days.

  4. I never wore red when I was younger than about 35; now I cannot get enough of it! And I do not look so good in patterns so a vibrant vintage red crepe is a miracle!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! Guess I revived my Etsy shop just in time, LOL. That dress/color will look great on you, I might have to come to next year's Christmas Party just to see it ;p. It was fun catching up with you... and I exhibited great restraint in NOT taking that vintage pink condiment tray home for my Superbowl Party after all!

  6. It is a stunner, and will be even more stunning on you! Thanks for sharing some of your hot spots~~although I don't find myself out that way very often, I'll try to make time for them when/if I do.
    I think you have next years Xmas party dress already decided, yes? :)


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