Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Bit-O-Loot

In my world, it is a good day when you can score a vintage green Melmac divided bowl, and pair of pink vintage cowgirl boots that both coordinate quite nicely with the super mint Simtex Tablecloth found at the same location.   The boots will likely head with me to the Top Shelf Flea, the tablecloth will be added to the pile waiting for it to STOP SNOWING here in New England so that I can start washing them and getting them on the line for sale at Carmen and Ginger.  The bowl's fate is still undecided.

This cloth is super heavy, unstained and not faded at all!  (The drab lighting here is giving it a false washed out look.)  This will be one of the nicest cloths I will offer when these get into the shop, probably in about a month or so...

I almost never buy bulky housewares anymore but the decals on this 1950's Mirro set were in such great condition that I could not pass it by.  Ditto for the enameled vintage flower brooches.  So pretty all together they were calling to me like a vintage jewelry siren!  (These are headed to Top Shelf as well!)  The fact that I had a full 30% off coupon for my entire purchase made the moment even sweeter!  Ah, the silly things that bring me joy...

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  1. My mom had that divided Melmac serving bowl, in aqua. I like the green better, though. It's funny to see my childhood strutting around under the "vintage" banner these days! :-)


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