Monday, March 14, 2011

A Keeper, a Seller and a Walkway...

I found a number of very interesting items today which was surprising considering all I did was make a quick pass through one shop before an appointment, and, an equally quick pass through a second shop after same appointment.  The finds include one item for me to keep, a couple to sell and two to fulfill my "things I did not buy" quota!

It's overcast here today so I had to set up at a weird angle to even get any light on this coat.  I also added a jaunty hat from my shop for the shot.  Yes, the hat is likely 1930's while the coat 1950's but It looked better with a hat than without! 

I love that the coat is basic black, but, has this wonderful textured pattern running through the fabric to give it style and interest.  But of course that collar detail was the clincher!  I usually do not like coats that need to be buttoned up all the way but this one fit me through the shoulders but was generous through the neckline the way it is designed so that it bundles but does not bind.  The vintage brooch on the coat has seen better days but I love the detail so will plan to replace with one of my own.

Ok, I admit, the collar AND the price combined to be the clincher!

 My next stop was the East Side Salvation Army.  I walk in and out of that place ten times with absolutely nothing so that the eleventh time I find something fabulous.  Over the years, I have found my couch, my bedroom dresser, my dining room sideboard, the vintage Nabisco advertising glass counter jar in my kitchen and the blood orange Bonnie Cashin leather jacket I blogged about recently all at this location.  However, I had to go fifty additional times to find nothing to make those five finds!  Today must have been my eleventh day, as I found two killer late 1940's/early 1950's jackets. 

The top jacket, trimmed in mink, is a cocoa wool with silk lining and untagged.  The jacket above has a Botany Tag with a design credit to Nathalie Nicoli.

This beauty is wool crepe with this amazing floral detail on the breast.  Wow.  Can you believe that detail?  In gushing over this suit jacket, I am sending a shout out to my friend Michelle over at The Red Velvet Shoe as she is usually the one to make such beautiful finds and post photos of such lovely creations!  I just love this one and know she will as well!  If you have not already, take a peek at her site and her Etsy shop for some fab finds!

 And I realized I have sadly been lacking posts of "things I did not buy."  Not because I have not passed anything by, but more because I am terrible about remembering to take my camera with me daily.  I therefore snapped two low-quality images with my cell phone (yes, my cell phone is ancient and does not take good photos, videos or even have a key pad!) but I decided something was better than nothing.  Both pics are of some interesting furniture pieces I spied at Sally's.  Above is a plain but nice faux grain painted Eastlake dresser.  It has funky hardware on the front and an amazing tilt mirror back section with a built in shelf.  The price, if I recall correctly, was $79.99 and it was dated almost a week ago which amazed me!  I think this is an incredibly affordable find for even an apartment dweller on the East Side...go take a look quick!  Below I snapped a pic of a funky vintage record player.  Did not notice the price on this one, sorry.  See, husband, I can pass some cool things by without buying them or calling you to take a look...


  1. Love both jackets, but the one with the floral detail is really fantastic. Someone is missing out on a great buy on that Eastlake Dresser.


  2. Oh my word. The 40s coats are amazing, especially that second one! I haven't been in that Sallys in ages, for the very same reason I rarely find anything...I saw a Nathalie Nicoli suit on Etsy for close to $200...great find! And merci buckets for the shout out!


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