Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not for Vegans Fashion

Sorry vegans, but I am featuring a couple of leather finds today.  There is always a debate with vintage as to whether to sell leather, fur, and exotic products.  I generally am willing to sell them, as long as I am not promoting contemporary production.  I was truly shocked to see how often furs are still used in couture fashion!  I have really developed a bad taste selling even vintage Persian Lamb after seeing that it is still used.  I honestly did not think it was until just this year.  I also do not really enjoy having anything to do with ivory knowing the atrocities that still take place.   Personally, I do not wear fur, but, I do wear leather goods so I have no issues with continuing to give vintage leathers a new life.  And I suppose you would have to share that point of view to enjoy these full length beauties, as there is a lot of leather here!  These were lucky, low cost finds - along with an awesome vintage belted leather trench for my husband that I did not photograph - that I found at a local consignment shop today.

Great details and colors!

I am debating if I should list these in my on-line shop for spring, or, hold them until the next Top Shelf Flea which has just been scheduled for May 22 at the same spot in Somerville, MA.  Any thoughts?  The brown one is a medium to large and the red is a small to medium.  Both in great condition.  More about the Flea as details come in...


  1. Gorgeous! If they were low cost finds and you're not worried about getting your investment back in a hurry, I'd save them for the top-shelf flea. I'm just thinking seasonally people probably aren't searching online for such treasures right now, but if they're milling around a flea and find something they can try right on and buy at a good price for future use, they'll nab it.

  2. Good point! Of course I just confirmed for the sale with the promise to myself that I was NOT going to drag as much clothing there and certainly not drag coats. First thing I do? Buy two full-length leather jackets for inventory! LOL!


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