Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Should I Stay Or Should I go?

Yesterday, while at the local Salvation Army, (see previous post) I also spied this luscious full length espresso leather coat with bad-ass snaps up the front, killer leather lacing details and the original mod belt!  (actually, it's attached).  I do not know about your Salvation Army, but mine, being in a college town, I suppose, marks this sort of coat quite high, and, on a special red tag that is never included in the 50% off sales.  This coat, in fact, was priced at six times what I paid for the wool crepe coat

Look at those details!  And the leather is buttery soft.  So, how did I get from too expensive to photo shoot at home?  Well, I stopped by again today to see if I could find any matching skirts for those jackets of yesterday (no luck).  And as I made a quick pass by some areas I'd scoured the previous day, I noticed a handwritten sign I had not noticed before.  It read "Red Tags 50% Off."  What?  Wait, the red tags that are never on sale are 50% off?  I looked for this coat and at first thought it was missing, then, magically found it again.  At half off it is still three times what I paid for the wool crepe, but, it is a thing of funky beauty.

Now here's the kicker, I assumed the coat was too small for me.  Beauties like these tend to the small to extra small size and I completely assumed I was buying for resale.  Until I got home and tried it on.  It fits perfectly.  So here is the dilemma, does it stay or does it go?  I must fess up, I own at least 15 vintage leather jackets already.  Should I "release" one for this one?  I have done it before...hmnnnn......


  1. This coat looks fabulous on you so I vote to release one of the captured 15 and keep it.


  2. Another reason to go EVERYDAY! It looks fab on you~keep it. Maybe you'll sell it off your back someday...what a story that would be.

  3. Yay, two votes to keep...good thing my husband does not read my blog....

  4. Uh hello, who said 16 vintage leather coats is too many, not me.

  5. I'm so glad people who think like me read my blog! Boo diversity! :-)


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