Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Few Girlie Items...

In the "where do you find that stuff?" category we are doing a bit of a Savers binge lately!  They are having that card-stamp program (full card = 30% off entire order) so I am in this cycle of getting stamps, using a full card, getting more stamps, etc..etc.. At the moment I have two full cards and one partial in my wallet!  I like to save them for when I buy either a) a large group of stuff or b) something I really want but think Savers has priced too high, like the Tammis Keefe scarf "in the case" for which I refused to pay their full price, but for which I gladly returned with my 30% off card to snap up!  Ok, so, back to the theme of today which is to show some girlie finds.

We will start with this awesome Hawaiian dress.  Love it, love it, love it!  As is not all that unusual with these dresses, it appears to have been worn once if ever.  Often women bought these on their honeymoons in the 1960's, wore them out to one honeymoon dinner in Hawaii, then, returned home to find that they did not fit in so well on the mainland and they were stored away as a memory.  This one is killer, and, it probably fits me so I have not even tried it on.  I will probably bring it to the Top Shelf and if it does not sell there offer it in the shop in early June.

Next on my list is this Margaret Smith bag.  Known as the "Kate Spade of her day" (according to my friend Michelle over at The Red Velvet Shoe) I have been lucky to have found three of her bags in my day.  One, I have had for years and it is my summer wedding bag.  I cannot recall where I found it, but, Savers is a possibility.  The next was a colorful floral I gave to a friend as a gift.  The third was this bag, found today, that I will likely offer in my shop soon.  Her bags are so colorful and perfect for the warmer months!

Last on my list is this lovely little homemade "Mad Men dress" from the early 1960's.  With metal side zip and darling little bow detail at the front, this one is a classic!  It is certainly handmade, but, people did a good job back then with these things!  Super clean and cute, this will go into Carmen and Ginger very soon.

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