Monday, April 11, 2011

A Heavenly Gift

Living in the city, you never know what to expect to see outside your door.  Politicians, people trying to sell me stuff and neighbors asking for money have all coming knocking as of late.  So when my doorbell rang late yesterday afternoon I thought "Please let this be a friend!"  It was both a friend and something unexpected.

It was friends bearing gifts - fresh eggs from their hens! - an unexpected and delightful treat.  Our friends live in South County and have a bit more land than we city folk, so decided to take on some hens last year.  In fact, when I last saw the hens that produced these eggs, they looked like this:
My friends said the largest eggs were from the Rhode Island Reds, which, ironically, are their smallest hens.  Although eggs are traditionally a breakfast food, I could not help but fry up a couple of the largest eggs for my husband and I to try last night.

They smelled incredible cooking and tasted even better!  My husband had never eaten a fresh egg before so this was a new treat for him.  They are a world away from those found in the supermarket.  Fresh, flavorful and beautiful.  What a fantastic unexpected treat!

#6 Rhode Island Red - Courtesy Sandmarg

I'd like to send a big THANK YOU to the Pendergast clan for their excellent hen-raising and thoughtfulness!  We hope to get down and visit these full grown beauties soon but for now will share the pic above to represent how they look as adults, and, will share another "Baby Photo" to remind us how cute they used to be!


  1. What FUN to see the pictures. I can smell them cooking in your pan! I love it that you blog! Maggie made Chick Cookies for G'ma and made em fuzzy w/a couple drops of yellow food coloring in a ziplock full of shredded coconut. Fresh eggs make everything taste better. When we got home from Providence yesterday, somebody surprised me w/an egg that had a light sprinkling of SPECKS, finally that gal who's been holdin out :D
    See all y'all soon. Warmly•jrp

  2. Those eggs look so great in the frying pan. I agree with you that you cannot even begin to compare store eggs with farm fresh eggs. I wish now that we had held onto Lucy and Ethel when we had them.


  3. Just last week one of my hockey buddies was talking about why he still keeps chickens...for the eggs. He said the yolks are much darker then those of the factory eggs where the hens never see the sun. I can see in your picture that the yolks are so much more rich in colour than with store bought eggs.

  4. Yes, they are much more colorful and literally smell good cooking in the pan! (unlike store bought which usually have no odor and are simply bland.) The yolks are fuller and I cooked them with the yolks broken but stopped so that the yolks were still slightly soft on the inside and they are SO DARN GOOD!


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